Yobs with laser pen walk free

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anotheoldgit | 17:09 Thu 15th Mar 2012 | News
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How did these two idiots escape a custodial sentence?

But perhaps it is not surprising when the silly magistrate came up with the following analogy.

/// 'You are very lucky it wasn’t very serious. One of you plays rugby - imagine if you were lying on the field with a broken leg waiting for the air ambulance and someone did the same
thing.' ///

Broken leg?????????

These imbeciles prevented an air ambulance from taking a dying man to hospital.


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<<But as usual people like you always want to give the benefit of the doubt to the proven wrongdoer >>


i posted the opinion expressed by an'expert' who was directly involved in answer to queries about why perhaps the sentences were lenient

Sorry that caused you to imagine points of view from me that were never expressed but perhaps you should learn to read and comprehend other people's posts before you have a hissy fit and project your own prejudices assumptions.

It just makes you look even more stupid than the rather poor way you express yourself already suggests
By the way baz here's a top tip

only idiots use meaningless generalisations such as

<<people like you>>

If you find yourself using it again you really need to strike it out and take a nap or something
Question Author

I wonder if <<people like you>> would calmly brush aside the seriousness of these idiot's action, if it had been one of yours lying on that stretcher being air-lifted to hospital?

"My Dad, Brother etc, was going to die anyway, so what's the big deal"?
Old Git

are you being dense too?

where do you imagine this 'brushing aside'?

Your OP and other questions were enquiring why the sentence was lenient?

I proferred a factor that might have influenced the court.

Please point out where i judged the appropriateness of the sentence one way or another

And by the way this 'if it was someone close to you' line is intellectually bankrupt and ill-considered as i'm sure has been pointed out many times before in these debates.

The Law cannot be governed by people who are aggrieved, distraught and personally involved. In order to avoid anarchy the Law must work in an objective, dispassionae way.

Or do you agree with the Afghans who are this week calling for the US soldier who killed all those civilians to be handed over to the victims' relatives for some 'rough justice'
Question Author

/// are you being dense too? ///

Always know when I hit a sensitive nerve, out come the insults.

If you cannot conduct yourself in a more polite way, I will no longer bother to debate with you.

So that's a Yes then

Or at least an 'I can't come up with an answer' so I'll do a flounce.

as i've observed in you before Old Git, the term Big Girl would be an appropriate one for you if it wasn't an insult to girls
surely he should have been given the chance to have the air ambulance ... lock them up i say! x

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Yobs with laser pen walk free

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