Drama on Teeside at the moment

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Ann | 17:42 Tue 13th Mar 2012 | News
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Keep safe all you who live there .....


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Well to be utterly pedantic here Saltburn by the sea is in North Yorkshire not Teeside . they should completely clear the area and let her blow herself up if thats what she wants
Now there is a caring person......
Saltburn is in Cleveland, not North Yorkshire

The woman is a local nutter and is currently on the ricketty pier.
Hardly an international incident
Is the ricketty pier the same as the slippery slope?

Mrs O
Me and Mrs_O are in Yorkshire.............Saltburn is not.
Maybe she intends to take a long walk off it......

Not mentioned on the Beeb 6 o'clock News
My Mother lives in Saltburn...Think I'll ring her! :-S
@ Mrs Over-all pedantic overload warning -Saltburn by the sea is in the unitary (local)authority of Redcar and Cleveland, but the in the COUNTY of North Yorks -maybe worth checking (or maybe not) ;-)
Craft, another of the offspring has qualified for a chess tournament at that school near you. Another boring Sunday :-(
Then why does it have a Teesside post code..............
@DT - i don't care - as long as these loonies don't involve anyone else in their quest for eternal life and four and twenty virgins they can all go up in a puff of smoke. I don't believe in innocent people risking their lives to 'save' people who throw themselves of bridges either. At least I'm honest -
lol really shouldn't have such intelligent children.

The clue kristal is in the word 'unitary' that means it is not in any County but is a free-standing area.
It was historically in North Yorkshire....but with boundary reshuffle in the 1970's it became part of the county of Cleveland

Anyway, we don't want it.They have Teesside accents
Local fruitcake apparently...and Saltburn is classed as North Yorkshire,Cleveland no longer exists.
Kristal, are you doing the Goth weekend at the end of April?
@craft -because Teeside is huge - I have a postcode of DL which is a town 25 miles away from me, not in the same borough council, though in the same county. We are also not that far from Saltburn and the pier isn't rickety - its very nice (so there!) -Lets just hope the loonie doesn't blow it up
As mrs_o says it's not in Yorkshire...............they talk funny.
Cleveland does exist. My friends husband is employed by Cleveland Police

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Drama on Teeside at the moment

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