Is Britain being taken for a ride?

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rov1100 | 21:36 Sun 11th Mar 2012 | News
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As though we haven't heard the last of unconvicted terrorists sue-ing us for a £1 apiece because of US torture we will now see victims or their families suffering casualties by US drone attacks demanding compensation via no win-no fee lawyers.

How should we react to this?


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Obviously that should be £1m
Unconvicted terrorist?

Strange term.
No one was a terrorist. These were a group of town elders having a meeting. We cocked up and told the Americans to murder the wrong people. We are not at war with Pakistan and the action was highly illegal on many levels. If Hague and the British Government are guilty (this trial will decide) then we should cough up. And be more careful in future.
Why is giving people huge amounts of cash seen as the right thing to do to make things better?
Just wondering..
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///No one was a terrorist///

The US seems to think so otherwise why lock them up in Cuba for many years. It was only to protect our secret services they couldn;t be brought to trial
SP, there are many unconvicted terrorists. Anyone involved in terroriism and not caught yest is an unconvicted terrorist so why is it a strange term?

To answer the question, as Gromit says we need to wait to see what comes out of the trial really to have the facts to comment. If we have made an error then yes, we have to pay up.
How do they know they where a bunch of town elders having a chin wag and not a bunch of Al queda having a meeting?
This is not the first mistake. Wedding gatherings have also been bombed in the past.

Mistakes happen in war, but it seems that virtually no proof is needed before an attack on a gathering of Afghan civilians is ordered.
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And it won't be the only claim. This is a test case! If this is successful just add the thousands of others caught up in drone strikes. Anyway the US is responsible for these drones, sue them!
Perhaps the families of those innocent people killed in terrorist attacks, should also sue, the terrorist's families, Pakistan, Libya etc maybe?
Let him try filing suit against the States and see how far he gets ?? A good ploy to get the over-liberal British courts to give out loads of wonga.

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Is Britain being taken for a ride?

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