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anotheoldgit | 13:38 Sat 10th Mar 2012 | News
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Although I don't condone this MP's actions, and agree he should have been jailed, why was it that Boxer Dereck Chisora was only punished by the WBC, and not also threatened by a jail sentence?

Especially taking into consideration that Chisora was not under the influence of drink at the time.


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Chisora's crime was committed in Germany, and it's up to the German authorities whether or not he is charged.
It happened in Germany that's why! Blimey, if we start investigating and trying people who commit this sort of thing abroad, the courts will be 24 hour a day sessions.
You can take the thug out of Scotland...
Too many Tories in the Pub,at any time,would set my teeth on edge!!..and the noise of a herd of braying buffoons..grrrr!
Chisora happened in another country. They probably agree with you that they don't want their jails full of foreigners costing thousands of Euros a week to keep.
Oh please sandy, you're better than that.
well with horns like those on your avatar, Douglas, we need no "Glasgie kiss", à la one Eric Joyce, from you.
Glesca, if you must.
Question Author
Yes of course it was committed in Germany, missed that sorry.

I wonder how the British authorities would have reacted if Germany had jailed him?

Most likely requested that he be extradited back to Britain, so we could bear the cost.
I wouldnt think that the Brit authorities would react - both of them were total numpties - and deserved to be locked away and the key chucked.

What has the WBC done as to banning/suspension?
the government has better things to do than haul Brits out of foreign jails after a fight. Only really long sentences attract their attention.
<<Yes of course it was committed in Germany, missed that sorry>>

Damn Old Git

Your agenda; 'Blacks get let off things that Whites get jailed for' is scuppered by the facts - again!

Dear o dear. You must do better than this or lose your EDL 'Top Stirrer' status

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