man reports child porn images that mysteriously appeared on his computer...and is banned from seeing his daughter...!

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joko | 16:34 Wed 07th Mar 2012 | News
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Could child porn just appear on a computer?
That thought did cross my mind.
He was attempting to (illegally) download music from a russian website ...
Question Author
i dont know...its possible i suppose, as he was downloading other stuff... loads of crap pops up on some probably some spiteful hacker idiot

but why would he tell his wife and then go to the police if he had done it?

unless the wife or daughter was looking at it...
why didn't he just delete it and scrub his pc..........
Question Author
DT... yes, i bet he wished he had now... but perhaps he was worried something more sinister was going on and wanted to help the police stop it
I think he decided to tell all and therefore, hopefully, avoid Mr Plod coming to see him at a later date.
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possibly also worried his wife would find it and not belive him and also that the images may be traced and hed be in trouble anyway so he told them first
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thats possible JTH... but like he says hed have been better off just binning the machine or at least wiping it

unless he is naive enough to think 'they' are watching and are all seeing and all knowing... but then his browsing history will tell all... experts will be able to tell if its been deliberately downloaded
A friend of mine, who was a policeman, once told me never talk to the police without a lawyer present. No I can see why.
Most paedophiles have been caught either through paying for their porn by credit-card or the electronic-fingerprints, etc. on the relevant servers when the 'providing' companies are eventually uncovered and raided.

I think he thought that 'fessing up would ensure that his innocence was established straightaway rather than having to wait for Plod to turn up and then try and explain away his mistake some time after...
I think he felt he was doing his bit by reporting it. Even though he was illegally downloading music, this is quite a different offence to child porn. I think I would have probably done the same, until I read his story.
I heard him on the radio yesterday.

He said he told the police because he and his wife thought about their young daughter and the fact that the girls in the pictures were also someones daughter. They hoped in informing the police they might be able to find who made the pictures.

To clarify, he isn't banned from seeing his daughter. He is banned from being alone with her. (which is still crazy imo).
He was trying to download music illegally, when he opened the files he realised what they were.
He reported the images to the police as he thought they would be able to investigate images themselves and where they came from - instead they are investigating him. They do understand that BUT they have been told it could take a year before there is any more progress and the ban is lifted.

Another article here.
This was on BBC R2 yesterday. Whilst on the one hand it could be argued "why would he report it if he had a nefarious purpose?" on the other it could be said "perhaps reporting it before it was discovered might add an element of "innocence"".

Either way I do not see that Social Services had any choice seeing as there is a young child involved. He hasn't been banned, he can spend as much time with her as he likes as long as there is another adult present.
Question Author
i thought that at first JTH but you would have to be an idiot to think that alerting them first would make them say 'oh thanks for telling us, bye' and thatd be it... but then some people are stupid...

but then hackers infest computers with all sorts of nasty stuff...why wouldnt this be one of those occasions?
i have a time when i had all sorts of porn popups when i searched online for a dictionary! it latched onto the DIC bit... hackers are a weird bunch

it just seems that 4 months is a long time to ban someone from seeing their daughter without any evidence...why arent they on this fast..checking the machine etc... an expert would be able to tell where the images came from and if its a virus so why havent they?
My boss (female) was looking for curtains on-line and ended up with loads of pictures of naked ladies instead - she was shocked and took her PC to be scrubbed.
He has not been banned from seeing her. He just can't be alone with her.

The problem is that this lappy has had to go away for testing, that is subject to the issues in the police labs due to a lack of resources.

Friends of mine had their whole family's laptops seized by the police after one of the children fell victim to a paedophile (he spent time in their home using the computer and would instant message the child concerned). It took 19 months for the laptops to be returned (about 8 months after the case concluded) and they were the victims!
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i accept that he 'may' be guilty and this is all just a naive double bluff - and i applaud the police for taking precautions but its more the 4 months - and more - that he cannot be alone with his child! (i didnt mean banned, used wrong word)
something like this should be addressed asap - the damage it could do to the child and the mans life - reputation, friends, job etc etc - mud sticks...
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its much more than someone being without a laptop for over a year... its affecting their lives

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man reports child porn images that mysteriously appeared on his computer...and is banned from seeing his daughter...!

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