Is Cameron partly responsible for the atrocities?

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rov1100 | 21:20 Mon 05th Mar 2012 | News
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Our policy of regime change in Libya is now well documented. We also sided with the rebels in Egypt against Mabarrak.

Our intentions in Syria have been spelt out clearly, that is the overthrow of the regime.

If you were in a corner your survival would mean a fight to the death and to quell the violent opposition. That is what is happening in Syria. If he loses he will undoubtably go on trial and face the death penalty. His only hope is to destroy all those who are plotting against him. He is learning from recent history!


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The Arab Spring may have been encouraged by the west, but it came from the peoples in those countries.

Tyrants, Dictators and Despots use fear and murder over many years to keep their grip on power. When that grip is challenged they do more of the same. This is nothing new, it has always happened throughout history.

Cameron, Obama or the west are not responsible for any atrocities. What an absurd suggestion.
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So you think Gromit that by arming the rebels does not heighten the conflict. You must live a very sheltered life.
Assad is not learning from recent history. Despite what you might think, these countries are completely different. Assad is just showing his regime to be more murderous and ruthless than the Dictators in Tunisia and Egypt.

To totally ignore the plight of these people who see a glimpse of freedom and leave them instead to the tyrants would be wrong. Arming them and giving them assistance is the least we can do.

And coincidently, we have also wanted to get rid of these tyrants as well for years, so we meet our objectives without sending our troops into danger.
His holiday villa on the coast of Iran awaits him.....

I agree with Gromit. These countries are completely different - and to ask if Cameron is partly responsible for the atrocities is absurd.
Did 'we', I take that to mean The West, really want to get rid of Mubarak? Wasn't he a faithful servant of the West? The despots in Libya and Tunisia helped keep the religious fundamentalists in check.
I don't think we had any quarrel with any of them except Gadaffi, sandyRoe. But when push came to shove it made sense to get on side with the people who looked like winning. (Coming out against Gadaffi was a gamble since he looked to be in charge for quite a long time during the uprisings.) But Assad has, I think, a more efficient security apparatus than any of the others.

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Is Cameron partly responsible for the atrocities?

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