Stunning picture in the Telegraph

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Gromit | 15:04 Wed 29th Feb 2012 | News
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if you would like to supply a caption, please do so...


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James Murdoch: "i'm safe up here"
15:08 Wed 29th Feb 2012
Oh heck.. I should have used the loo before I set out

I feel queasy just looking at it
I thought free climbing was without ropes - he's clearly wearing one

Anyone expert in such things?

but yeah good photo all the same
James Murdoch: "i'm safe up here"
"Man locates area with lowest council tax bill in England - £780 per year".
Fury as Tory councillor allocates Council tax band A to new beach front property!
Question Author
" Nigel takes his job at the UK Borders Agency very seriously. "
Jake, free climbing is without aid not without ropes, the ropes are there for safety and may not be used to aid the ascent. Solo climing is without ropes.
SP's post was not there when I started typing!
who took the bloody photo?
Look, I'm peeing without using my hands.
"Don't jump, Scotland will never get independence".
You don't have to be insane to do this ....

actually, strike that ...

you need to be utterly insane to do this!!!
I'm a bit confused, I'm supposed to be meeting the father of Sir Chris.
"I dont get it, a minute ago I was firing spider silk out of both hands. How I've got dog pooh coming out of my left hand and bird pooh coming out of my right! Now i'm stuck here! Help!" :-P
(the "How" should have been "Now")
See, a pavement, a bit of chalk, and some skill at anamorphic perspective, and look what you get !
ah - thanks for the climbing clarification

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Stunning picture in the Telegraph

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