Is all this acceptable in 2012?

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anotheoldgit | 16:00 Sat 25th Feb 2012 | News
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Whereas it is a pity that in 2012 Britain, some poor unfortunates are forced to sleep on the streets, I don't see why we should allow these illegal immigrants, to litter our areas.

/// ‘I asked the council what they were going to do about it. They said they had delivered a letter translated into Punjabi about a voluntary repatriation scheme. Surprise, surprise – it doesn’t seem to have done the trick.’ ///

Perhaps instead of lashing out aid to India, we should use this money to provide humane accommodation for these asylum seekers, until such times when the immigration authorities can get round to vetting them, and consequently sending them back?


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// Litter our areas //

You don't have a large collection of 'the Big Issue' then AOG.
I am all in favour of disposing of this rubbish to elsewhere but but the fact remains that we are unable to do so because we have nowhere to send them - either because the negligent immigration authorities have failed to record their entry to the UK with sufficient details of their passports to facilitate removal or have failed to properly seal the points of entry to foil thier ingress in the first place.
2,181 people sleep rough on our streets every night. The vast majority of them are not immigrants. But that does not tickle AOG's outrage bone. Far better to single out a handful of foreign dossers and ignore the poor unfortunate white people who find themselves in a similar predicament.
Gladeian - your comment - "I am all in favour of disposing of this rubbish to elsewhere ..." to what, or indeed whom do you refer?
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Andy-hughes - i refer to the unwanted human detritus which constitutes the illegal persons in the UK.
Redhelen - am I not allowed my opinions as much as you dont agree ?
Thanks for clarifying Gladeian - I didn't want to accuse you of being a reprehensible human being with fascist views that you should be ashamed of, without being absoultely sure I was being fair, and there was no room for any misunderstanding.

Glad we cleared that up.
There is a rumour they took the picture themselves to illustrate their plight. One of the refugees has said if they stick it out long enough compassionate Britain will provide free food and accommodation.
// Every year in the UK about 24,000 people leave the Armed Forces for "Civvy Street".

And it's apparent that some ex-servicemen find the transition hard.

It is feared as many as 1,100 of them end up sleeping rough on the streets of London every night. And according to MoD figures, 3% of prisoners - nearly 2,500 - are ex-military. //

So it is unacceptable that these foreigners are depriving ex-servicemen a flyover to sleep under.
i would rather we looked after the ex servicemen, they have at least served their country, and their plight is one we should be ashamed of. As to the illegal immigrants they should not have come here in the first place, no one has a right to bunk in and then expect others to feel sorry for them. If the boot was on the other foot and a Brit dumped themselves in another country, the authorities would be on them like a shot and likely booted out or end up in jail.
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people on AB are entitled to their opinion, just because you don't like it, it doesn't make them horrible.
for those who say welcome all, perhaps they could offer them a home, money, job, problem sorted.
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i wouldn't suggest that, nor to treat people inhumanely, but i cannot see how it is right that one should keep on accepting people into Britain, where does it stop. London and other major cities are so overcrowded already, and many of these people will end up being exploited often by their own kind, and many will end up being far worse off here than they would back in their homeland. If you have nothing to offer as such, cannot speak the language, have no money, then you are on a hiding to nothing.
do you not think that in 2012 it is shocking that we can't supply shelter to some homeless people

while the country has seen record breaking temperatures and old folk and some others on low incomes are scared to put the heating on are we really moving forward

the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
The question you must ask yourself is are you willing to support the homeless people or not? If you are, then the next question is will you give up, say, one room in your own home for one of them to live in (or even two). The second is will you supply food and perhaps entertainment for them? Have you,yourself, got enough money to do this, just for one person, or do you merely pay lip service to the ideas? Places are provided for the homeless. O.K. they are perhaps only dormitories where they can crash, but they are there. The Salvation Army in particular provide this, and food. Some who do not take up this option are here illegally and are afraid of being found out and deported. They chose to do this, so in my opinion it is their own fault they are in such a position. Personally in answer to my own question, NO - I am not willing to give up part of my home. I would not want a stranger in my house. If someone sets up a fund to help, I will be happy to contribute, but definitely do not want to be involved.
I cannot help but think that the real problem stems from Europe. Before we were conned into joining the common market we had laws & rules which allowed us to govern the UK & determine who could stay here. Now we are told what & what not to do by foreign powers in a foreign country, & speaking for myself I am not a happy bunny.


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