Should the UK Take Sides?

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rov1100 | 18:13 Fri 24th Feb 2012 | News
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Haque seems to think so! So now we can join with Al Qaeda in overthrowing the government. Isn't this foreign policy likely to cause future problems? In this case by arming the rebels is there a danger of developing into fully an unreversible civil war with many more casualties. Russia is quite capable of aiding the Syria regime to add to the conflict.


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I don't get the connection with Al Qaeda?
To be honest the UK should just stay away from other countries and concentrate on sorting out their own people.
Who is Haque?
Why not, we were on the same side when they were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. They called themselves the Mujahideen, but they were essentially the same bunch.

A case of having different reasons for sharing the same goal.
where does it say Al Qaeda anywhere in that article? - this is nothing to do with that particular terrorist group.
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Sorry, I thought it was common knowledge that Al Qaeda are operating in Syria with the same aim to topple the regime.
"Sorry, I thought it was common knowledge that Al Qaeda are operating in Syria with the same aim to topple the regime.
It would help your case if you quoted more reliable sources than, which most reasonable people would acknowledge is merely a mouthpiece for a government which is shamelessly propping up Assad. And moreover using the same argument which it was, ironically, using to beat the UK over the head with some months ago: i.e. that for some years the UK government placated Gaddafi by shopping Libyan dissidents, on the dubious pretext that they were Al Qaeda members or of that ilk.
The other night I watched this so-called "news" channel try to justify their government's policy: the inference was that better women and children die at the hands of Russian-made tanks and artillery than that God forbid we should let Al Qaeda in. It was pretty sickening, if not, to be honest, surprising.

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Should the UK Take Sides?

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