rising of the 7th sun

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Zhukov | 16:48 Fri 24th Feb 2012 | News
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It will soon be upon us!

There will be celebrations,down Wapping way,at the News International,at any rate!

There will be grateful people,wearing silly hats,waving Ruperts flags,and swigging free,cheap plonk.Even the Sun on Sunday rivals,are welcoming,
however grudgingly.Murdoch is providing jobs,in a declining trade.The
need to defend the freedom of expression/a free Press..and be seen to
promote it.

But the link provided asks,"Is Journalism a "Profession",or a "Guild"now"?

Has Integrity and Professionalism all but disappeared,at the major Media

Sunday sees the launch of a paper..(even money on a)..News of the Screws Mk II..!?

So,those eagerly awaiting,you can be assured of Sunday Breakfast,together
with lurid tales of 5th rate"Reality Stars"

But more disturbingly..a return of the NOTW"Great Investigative Works"
Sun on Sunday"Journos",intrusion and abuse on vulnerable people.the usual
casting around Disinformation,and disregarding better tittilate
its Breakfast readers petty prejudices..

Expect a super-soaraway Sun on Sunday chock full of swingeing attacks on
...Migrants,Travellers,Trade Unionists,Single Mothers,Women,the Unemployed,Public Sector Staff,Young People,Europe,Foreigners.

A new one,will be the harassment of Disabled People,"outed"as scroungers
to win the Government,and the S.O.S. - Public support for Benefit Cuts.

Reducing the already Poor in Britain to penury!

been LOL..seen "Dirty"Desmond"s TV ads to counter the launch of S.O.S.

^^The Sunday Star - The Paper you can Trust ^^..LOL..


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Don't think I'll bother with it. Read enough fiction as it is.
19:18 Fri 24th Feb 2012
What is it to be nicknamed then, "Sex on Sunday" or "Screws on Sunday?"

Or something else?
SOS sounds fine to me
Question Author comin"out they@ss.. of Willy and Flossie.. ..sorry..Katy ;o/
Question Author
lol...lots staying schtum!..I do hope your Newsagent orders enough S.O.S.copiies for everyone!! ;oP
Don't think I'll bother with it. Read enough fiction as it is.
Question Author
..friend just told me,Simon Schama,on QTime,last night

asked about the launch of Murdoch"s S.O.S.

S.S."You know,there are very few things that I am even slightly,remotely
interested in,even in the tiniest way..but..

Copy that,Si..!
So the News Of The World has been closed down has it? Pull the other one, Rupert.
Surprising to see that some can actually understand all this unintelligible and confusing babble?

But the question that must be asked is, "what is the question".
Question Author
^^^I seem to recall you being confused and befuddled yesterday,OldGit!

and you did"nt come back to your thread to"hold your hand up",and tell us

that you made a complete fool of yourself.....Again! :0)
Question Author
Kindle - Do you really want to be associated with this - Tawdry Rag?
Shame that newspapers can no longer be used to wrap fish and chips. Papier mache perhaps. What would you build with it?
//rising of the 7th sun//

That sounds strangely ..... holy ...

Daisy, I don't suppose it would matter what was built with papier mache from the Sun as long as it had big boobs!
I will have a look at it for 50p, will look at it in the pub at dinnertime.
Question Author
..gee! ..thanks for that,Toff.. :o(

Thanks for what?.
Question Author
..not difficult to Fox you,chum..erm..enjoy your Sunday paper.. lol
50p for rubbish. Double your money and give it to charity.
Zhukov, i will read what i choose, who do you think you are trying to tell people what they should or should'nt read, it would take someone a little smarter than the likes of you to fox me pal.

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rising of the 7th sun

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