barack obama got soul

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Zhukov | 23:36 Wed 22nd Feb 2012 | News
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President Obama breaks into Al Green"s - Let"s stay together..,he takes the mike for -Sweet Home Chicago!!..that guy got Soul!

Meanwhile,in the Republican Camp,they"got wind of the singing "bit".." Romney was seen,feebly croaking,"America,America.."

They are "So Lame"!! ;-)


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Tout le plaisir etait pour moi!
i hear Thatcher is to record a certain ELO tune
On this YouTube video the first comment is: "The first black president"

Second comment is funnier....

*he's cheating.... his secretary is blowing his saxophone for him...*
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LOL ^ ;-)

Tut-Tut why bring that up?

And if you must, can't you use the correct terminology it sounds much more pleasant, even more pleasant than you obviously think Obama's singing is apparently.
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Nice try but your obsession with branding me a racist over this, just doesn't work.

I think Paul Robson, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Ross, Shirley Bassey and Nat King Cole's singing is fantastic.

Also think the same regarding The Platters and The Ink Spots.

After just typing that do you think they would be allowed to call themselves that, these days.

Your comment made me laugh overly loudly, because I got it immediately.

You're a very bad person.
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...a guess.? ;0/
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@rockyraccoon - Tout le plaisir etait pour moi! :o)

Spin a tune,mate..

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barack obama got soul

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