The gentle art of boxing

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anotheoldgit | 08:49 Mon 20th Feb 2012 | News
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We hear of footballers being suspended for a number of matches, others arrested and charged by the police, and their captaincy taken off them, all for allegedly using abusive words.

So what should happen to thugs such as these, should they be banned from ever boxing again?


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Boxing, by definition is done by people who are nopt especially bright

The Klitschko brothers both have PhDs and are fluent in several languages.
That to me makes a mockery of your above sweeping statement.

I have known lots of boxers in my lifetime and I would not class any of them as
'nopt especially bright'

I know you will not retract your statement, it is not what you do, your answer is to post lengthy mind boggling replies to prove you are right.

That's me done on the subject, because I don't want to go to the next step that you use to prove you are right.
Mick-Talbot - I have reflected on my initial statement, and having re-considered it, I have concluded that it was inappropriately harsh, and over-generalising, and therefore I am happy to withdraw it - as I have done on numerous occasions in debate where the function of debate has been fulfilled and caused me to analyse my position.

I will therefore ammend my initial premise and state that I believe boxing at professional level is done by those who either do not understand the damage they deliver, and receive in preseoct of their job, or if they do understand it, they choose to ignore it. I further amend my statement to acknowledge that there are a number of professional boxers who are highly intelligent, but I maintain that they are the exception rather than the rule.

Thank you for an interesting exchange of views.
Didn't realise that the symptoms of Haye-fever were puffy eyes, broken toes, a cut forehead and heavy disappointment...


What's the difference between David Haye and my trousers?

My trousers have a belt.


I think I should get half of David Haye's PR money from this.

I watched the fight in 3D, which meant I got closer to Chisora than he did.
Thanks for the apology andy- accepted and appreciated.
The thing is that most human beings are naturally violent to some degree or another. As small children we are taught not to hit, not to hurt, not to be spiteful etc, but naturally young children are, and they are so because nature has provided them with all the tools in order to survive. In our civilised society non but soldiers need those tools when they grow up, but it does not alter the fact that a lot of men like to see how far up the food chain they really are, and if two fully grown consenting adults want to beat the living daylights out of each other to see which one has honed his martial skills the best, I really don't consider it anyone else's business as long as it is as safe and well regulated as it can be. There are alpha males and there are non alpha males, I think alphas tend to understand the concept somewhat better than non alphas, but I don't think it has anything whatsoever to do with IQ, as I've known a lot of boxers and idiots like Haye and Chisora are in the minority, most are well disciplined intelligent men.
Good jokes DT ;-)
Would like to see boxing banned. However does it get around the health and safety laws?
Why would you want to inflict your opinion on two men who want to box Daisy?
"Could I be right in thinking your boxing knowledge starts and ends with Frank Bruno interviews andy? "

mine does !
Why not? Not only men box, however distasteful that may seem. I am entitled to my opinion even if you choose not to accept it.
Okay very valid point Daisy, indeed women's boxing is ever increasing in popularity, so I'll re-phrase the question, since I am genuinely interested in why people try to ban things which other consenting adults enjoy. Why woud you seek to ban boxing simply because you don't personally like it? What harm does it do you personally and what led you to that conclusion?
I personally think anyone who climbs up a dangerous mountain is near crazy, likewise round the world singlehanded yachtspeople, but I wouldn't like to see it banned, so I wonder why you would?
Nox, one difference might be that boxing is about harming other people, not yourself. No way of stopping it happening, but I think there's a case for asking whether it's a good form of public entertainment. I loved Ali and I think he's a great man - but he's terrible to watch now. And he was a *good* boxer. What are we watching less skilled young men do to themselves and others?
More people box than climb mountains or sail around the world. Being hit around the head causes damage. Those damaged need hospital treatment. Why should the rest of us pay for it? But the money is of little relevance if a human being is brain damaged because he/she has been encouraged to box. There are other sports which channel aggression. Obviously boxing has failed in this case.
Good points to be fair Daisy, I still don't agree with banning things because I don't personally like them even if they are in somone else's interest, but I do see your points and as Jno pointed out Ali has Parkinsons disease which is far more likely to develop if you have a head injury.
Boxing will never be banned but in what other ''sport'' is the ultimate aim to inflict brain damage on your opponent ? For that is what a 'knock out' is !
Read this and then tell me Boxing is not harmfull
I'm not disagreeing that boxing is harmful, you really need not try to prove to me anything about head injuries, I have a brain injury myself ( not from boxing, from my father beating me when I was little). It's not about being harmful or not being harmful, it's about giving people the freedom to determine for themselves if they wish to do something or not.
Nox - I entirely take your point about two consenting 'alpha' males fighting if they wish to do so. What concerns me is that it is not just the two males involved - it has grown into a multi-million pound entertainment industry which thrives on the desire to see one man i capacitate another through physical violence. To me, that panders to the worst aspects of human nature, and I fail to see the value in the 'sport' for the wider society.
But isn't the whole point of entertainment to entertain, and it can't be denied as you said boxing is a multi million pound industry, therefore someone must be watching it, so it qualifies as pretty effective entertainment.
Shooting myself in the foot slightly and because I do like to try to be objective, I daresay public executions would also be a massive hit amongst some people, so I do appreciate that the entertainment argument is somewhat weak, but that was never really my argument, mine is solely that peiople should be allowed to do what they like to one another as long as they both consent and are capable of understanding the potential consequences.
A fair point once again Nox, but i do wonder whether people really do understand and appreciate the risks to long-term health posed by boxing.

I am enough of a student of human nature to know that knowledge of the damage an action can cause is often not enough to prevent it - but I still worry about the thousands of young men, and as you point out, ladies, who are entering the sport, and may not realise or consider the potential health risks they undertake.

I know that many sports are dangerous, which is part of the appeal, but in all sports with the exception of boxing, concussion and physical injury are seen as acceptable risks, by no means a regular outcome, and certainly not the actual object of the exercise.

Off to bed now - wil cntinue in the morning. Sleep well.
what are the odds that in 18 month's time these pair will be fighting each other in a fight that will generate mega money, promoted by Frank Warren, and despite everyone saying they are not interested in it will get very high viewing figures both here and in Europe.
Nox ,I really do not want to to be at odds with you but I must ask what qualifies as entertainment? Blood, sweat and tears? Broken bones, hands and noses? Pain? Scars? Brain damage? Inability to recognise friends and family?
We have outlawed cockfighting and dog fighting and hunting. What is left? Watching two people trying to injure, if not kill, each other.

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The gentle art of boxing

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