When Iran gets it's bomb.....

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d9f1c7 | 12:09 Sun 19th Feb 2012 | News
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Who will they use it on first? Tough choice:
Irsrael? Great Satan? Little Satan. Dilema indeed!


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or should that be trilema?
Great Satan is a long way away.

Why do you imagine they would use it on anyone? Lots of countries are nuclear, but only one has used it on another country.
They are surrounded by countries who have nuclear weapons. Why shouldn't they have it too?
There used to be a defence philosophy of MAD, mutually assured destruction. That meant the cold war never got hot. If that kept the peace between the USA and USSR, it should help calm down things in the Middle East.
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As a general principle sandy MAD is correct, unfortunately when the nation concerned is run by a madman from a mad religion that has already pledged to irradicate another nation, I tend to think that normal reason goes out of the window.

I think the basis of MAD was that none of the parties viewed suicide as a good idea.
The consensus seems to be that in the middle East you can't rely on that view still holding.
It will be a choice between Israel and Iran.

But what I do know, is that if the Americans and the Israelis decide to attack Iran, we should keep out of it.

Israel didn't support us in the Falklands, they supported Argentina, so why should we give any support to Israel.
the Americans won't be involved, they'll just give the Israelis a nod and a wink (and some money). I agree with aog, we should steer well clear.

In fact I won't... I am supposed to be cruising in the region in April; I shall be quite annoyed if nuclear war spoils my holiday.
Israel is a rogue state that has Nuclear weapons. It has also had a few nutty leaders and also has a daft religion that they can use to justify massacres. Since they already have them, and Iran's are not yet developed, I think we should be more concerned with our friends the Israelis.
Iran has halted oil sales to the UK, so petrol prices may go up. I'm sure all true Brits will regard this as a small price to pay.
It is obvious what happens to a country that cannot defend itself. The Israelis can attack the Gaza Strip at will. If Iran did have a nuclear bomb Israel would be terrified at upsetting them and certainly wouldn't be sending hit squads to wipe out Irans nuclear scientists.
To describe Israel as a 'rogue state' make me curious to know what description Gromit gives to Syria that daily murders hoardes of its own citizens. If you think Israel has had a few nutty leaders and Judaism is a daft religion, what you make of the religious teachings and (past and present) leaders of surrounding states would be most enlightening.

rov1100 Israel does not attack the Gaza strip; it retaliates to the attcks coming from the Gaza strip. This is the same Gaza strip given by Israel to help towards a peace treaty.
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it's ok raliegh because left wingers love islam. Israel is evil because they protect themselves. Come on get with the program!
for Raleigh

Don't worry, I will steal your house and land but I will give you the garden shed to live in.
well said rov

the OP reminded me of this http://sabahsyria.fil...el-nukes-cartoon.jpeg

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When Iran gets it's bomb.....

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