Racist or just inquisitive?

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anotheoldgit | 11:42 Sun 19th Feb 2012 | News
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/// ‘I was told I would have to sign a form acknowledging my son had made a racist remark which would be submitted to the local education authority for further investigation,’ she said. ///

Absolutely disgusting, this type of thing is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

/// Last year, it was revealed that teachers are branding thousands of children racist or homophobic following playground squabbles. ///

I wonder how many of these thousands of children are black?


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How ridiculous, PC gone made - this is a perfectly innocent childhood question. The black mother reported it. Over-sensitive. IMO!
These are the real bigots. PC mafia reserving insults on behalf of others. It seems not to matter that this is a perfectly reasonable enquiry, merely innocent curiosity from a child who knows nothing of the isms.

As the OP says this is not a million miles from National Socialism. I wonder if the purpetrators of this sort of thing realise they are becomming what they seek to irradicate.
Sad and silly.

But to claim "this type of thing is reminiscent of Nazi Germany" is even sillier.

I don't think Nazi Germany had OTT anti-racist policies. In fact, I seem to recall, that anti-Semitism was actively encouraged.
Racism and homophobia gone mad, but I think we know that.
yes rojash, anti sematism was persued with the same furvour that the hardline PC mob persue the object of their bigotry. That is what the nazi comparison is about.
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Thank you d9f1c7 for replying to rojash's 'silly' remark.

If he knew anything about Nazi Germany he would know that Nazi Party schoolmasters would encourage their pupils to report on any anti-Nazi remarks, and even those their parents may have made.

Not to mention their anti Semitism attitude, which you have already pointed out to him.
Sorry but your defence of your remark seems even sillier than the original remark.
This was a child asking a childish question. I'm glad the Mum refused to sign the form. Can things get any madder ????

I would strongly suggest that the 'real' bigots are still the ones who bully gay kids to the extent that that take their own lives rather than suffer any more.

Can you imagine what it must be like to have the a church, politicians and then finally your peers at school bully you to such an extent that you will fill a bath, get in and open your wrists?

Sorry to be so graphic, but that's what the child of a friend of mine did a few years ago. Worries over PC this and PC that tend to fade into the background when you see the impact that words have in real life.
So was the five-year-old from Africa? A straight answer to a staight question and that would be that.
"There is nothing more dangerous than the conscience of a bigot."
-George Bernard Shaw

I agree that the reaction of the school *seems* over the top, but I would counsel you to be very wary indeed on this story as we only have one side of it.

Do you think that education authorities would downplay or otherwise hush up incidents where black children have been racist or homophobic?

I ask, because in every other walk of life, that doesn't seem to be the case - for example black footballers are fined just as heavily as their white counterparts for making homophobic tweets.

Perhaps black kids are more homophobic than white kids, but white kids are more racist than black kids?

Who knows? I don't believe there are any stats to back up either argument, but my previous sentence is moot, as is your final point "I wonder how many..."
like you sp, not sure whether there's any data to show that any one group of kids is more likely to express a particular "ism" than any other group -

but observations shows that in general, kids are cruel, and will single out any individual who differs from the group perception of "normal", whether this is due to appearance, orientation, who their gauardians are.....

....or even just because the little designer logo on the t shirt faces the wrong way.
Isn't the Internet brilliant! By looking up a similar story in The Telegraph, I was led to something referred to as a 'Racist Incident Referral Form', and here it it:


So technically, if someone did some number crunching, we could see what percentage of perpetrators and victims came from which racial group. However, those figures would be further complicated by the fact that racist incidents can occur between children of the same racial (although not national) background. I assume something similar exists for gay-hate attacks. However with bullying over sexuality, I expect that to be an entirely one-way street!
Lor..!!..don"t you take a day off,AOG..?
another non-story.

"Griffin Primary head teacher Janet Adamson said the school had acted ‘in accordance with the council’s guidance for schools on the reporting of racist incidents’."

it was the boys mum who complained, so the school had to act on it. the other mother would only need to acknowledge on a form that there was no racist intent. this would easily be proven to the council and the issued lost in the paper stockpile ether. she chose not to and went straight to max clifford.

“There is a statutory duty to report any incident that is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.

“The council’s policy is informed by Ofsted’s guidance on the inspection framework for schools in England.”
Question Author

Just so you won't make up any stories regarding the Daily Mail, as you have done regarding the mother getting in touch with Max Clifford, here is an excerpt from "This is Hull and East riding".

/// Miss White says she was led to the head teacher’s office, where she was asked to sign a form. ///

/// “The form said my son had made a racist remark,” she said. ///

//// “I refused to sign it. I told the teacher I did not agree the comment was racist.///

It looks like the mother wasn't given a chance to just acknowledge on a form that there was no racist intent, as you stated.

FYI, the "this is" series of websites, including This Is Hull and East Riding is owned by Northcliffe Media, AKA the Daily Mail.
i've been educated to believe that 'black' people, of all nationalities, shades and creeds, have darker skins, because historically they lived in hotter climes, like africa!

the black child should be proud of this heritage, so accurately put into words boy the little boy!

cath x

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