'Racist' chants from Porto fans.

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anotheoldgit | 15:52 Fri 17th Feb 2012 | News
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/// City won 2-1 at the Estadio do Drago , but after the game the club revealed that Mario Balotelli had mentioned to officials about chants from the stands. ///

//// Team-mate Yaya Toure told Sky Sports News: "I heard something. ///

/// "That's why we like the Premier League, it never happens there. Maybe other countries don't expect black players." ///

Excuse the 'copy & 'paste', but what i kliked about this was the comment from Yaya Toure. "I heard something".

And how ironic is his second paragraph, eh, where has he been lately?


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Looks like the big brush will be coming out.

You know, that one that UEFA and FIFA take turns with in sweeping this sort of thing under the carpet.
Yaya Toure was right, wasn't he ? The racist chanting was from a section of the crowd. We don't get that in the Premier League. It was that fact to which he was referring.
I think it was on a larger scale in the Dragao from what I've heard, in Britain it tends to be the odd solitary idiot.
It is absurd because you do get a lot of black players playing in Portugal, predominantly Brazilian.. oh and, who's their most famous player again... oh yeah.. Eusebio!
It must be tough for black Portuguese players.
I think YAya was trying to minimise the reaction and yes it will be neatly tidied up like shoving a pair of discarded undies under a cushion when someone calls at the house
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It was commented on during the match apparently

I think to some extent reacting gives them the result they want.. ignore them and deal with it later
It was on live on ITV last night and the commentaters mentioned it then.

Racist chanting or racist abuse from the crowd is rare in the EPL and is usually dealt with by the courts. I doubt this will happen in Portugal.

Yaya Toure has been in Equatorial Guinea for the past month for the African Cup of Nations.
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So your question is where as Yaya Toure been lately?

Am I right?
Question Author

/// yes it will be neatly tidied up like shoving a pair of discarded undies under a cushion when someone calls at the house ///

Why do you have pairs of discarded undies in the Lounge, in the first place? :0)
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I don't but it is a frequently used comic device as of course they are always found at an inoportune moment...
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If people just stopped reacting to it all the time, they would soon get bored and stop.
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Lord_ Elpus, I don't think players are worried by simple name calling; if they were, Torres, and even Frank Lampard, would have had all of us in the Matthew Harding stand barred by now ! And John Terry would have had the away fans out !
Racist chanting is quite another matter, but perhaps you don't think so. Would you permit it at football grounds? Or ban it but, if it occurred, expect players not to be offended, or be offended but say and do nothing? And why do you think so?


Your post from 15:00 is the best thing I've read all year.

Lord_Elpus - I'm not sure I'd agree with you about it getting 'boring'. Perhaps because the FA have been so successful in 'kicking racism out of football', that it becomes a big story when it creeps back in.

And imagine how uncomfortable it must be for black fans to stand next to someone shouting racist abuse?

Perhaps it best that a zero tolerance is the best approach?

Do you think (and I'm not having a go) that fans, the FA, clubs and players should simply ignore racism on the pitch and on the stands? Do you think that ignoring it will make it go away?

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'Racist' chants from Porto fans.

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