'Racist' chants from Porto fans.

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anotheoldgit | 15:52 Fri 17th Feb 2012 | News
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/// City won 2-1 at the Estadio do Drago , but after the game the club revealed that Mario Balotelli had mentioned to officials about chants from the stands. ///

//// Team-mate Yaya Toure told Sky Sports News: "I heard something. ///

/// "That's why we like the Premier League, it never happens there. Maybe other countries don't expect black players." ///

Excuse the 'copy & 'paste', but what i kliked about this was the comment from Yaya Toure. "I heard something".

And how ironic is his second paragraph, eh, where has he been lately?


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You're not answering the question I posed Lord Elpus.
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I see you are trying to be clever in avoinding the censor. If you think it wrong to abuse a shopworker, why not a player? Both are going about their jobs in public, so why is okay to hurl racial abuse when someone is on a field?
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lord elpus

So much apparent frustration and bitterness. They appear to be substitutes in your case for rational argument or intelligent debate.

Have you sought medical help for the issues you appear to have?
It does all have a rather disturbing edge to it.
Maybe coming on here and chewing his keyboard IS therapy for the poor sod!

I think we're getting somewhere now.

Would you say it is wrong to shout out to black people walking down the street 'n*gger, c**n' and to make monkey noises and throw bananas at black kids?

If that's wrong, then surely it's wrong in the stands at a football match?

Actually - have I misunderstood you? I *think* you might be referring to racist epithets thrown around on the pitch? Is tha right?
One last thing - rather than criticising people who demand high standards from people who earn £200,000 a week, don't you think we should be demanding that they act like consummate professionals at all times, and avoiding the use of playground insults?

Where is our Bobby Moore?
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Lord Elpus, how can you accuse humbersloop of having an obvious lack of intelligence after having just said SHE is using cheap insults???
It seems that Lord Elpus has been banned...
Well, whatever it was, I'm glad I missed it.

Many thanks Ed and the Mods.

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'Racist' chants from Porto fans.

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