'Racist' chants from Porto fans.

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anotheoldgit | 15:52 Fri 17th Feb 2012 | News
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/// City won 2-1 at the Estadio do Drago , but after the game the club revealed that Mario Balotelli had mentioned to officials about chants from the stands. ///

//// Team-mate Yaya Toure told Sky Sports News: "I heard something. ///

/// "That's why we like the Premier League, it never happens there. Maybe other countries don't expect black players." ///

Excuse the 'copy & 'paste', but what i kliked about this was the comment from Yaya Toure. "I heard something".

And how ironic is his second paragraph, eh, where has he been lately?


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Perhaps lord elpus doesn't care whether racist behaviour goes away or not?


Perhaps lord elpus wouldn't mind if racist behaviour increased?


Perhaps lord elpus thinks racist behaviour is ok?
The Chelsea fans always sing 'Come on you Blues'. Maybe Newcastle fans should get in the mood and chant 'come on you blacks' although this will probably get misinterpreted.
probably Man United fans.
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//people will look back at this country and finally realise and admit towhy its all gone so wrong//

lord elpus what, in your view, is the //why// you refer to?
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I asked a question, for the purposes of discussion.

Do you have an answer, for the purposes of discussion?
DTcrosswordfan // probably Man United fans. //

I would think it is more likely to be Mickey Mousers with what i have read in the papers.
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It's called AnswerBank. I asked a question, I'm genuinely waiting for an answer.

What's the //why//
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Yep, just asking for clarification of a line of reasoning about footballers and what the //why// point you're making actually is.

If that's dismissed out of hand, fine by me.
Lord Elpus, would you think it wrong for members of the public to racially abuse a black policeman or a black person working in a shop for example?
Question Author
Why should 'racial abuse' be any more offensive than 'ordinary abuse'?

Surely they are both equally offensive and upsetting to the recipient?

Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
They were monkey chants. A Porto official said the chants many have been misheard chants of Hulk Hulk (Porto player) or KUN KUN (for Kun Aguero)
Anotheoldgit, how often, it at all, have you heard or read of a white person call another white person a "white XXXXX" or a black person call another black person a "black XXXXX" for that matter?
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Lord Elpus, is it okay for members of the public to racially abuse a black policeman or a black person working in a shop?
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'Racist' chants from Porto fans.

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