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God no.

I can do with out another huge batch of papers that I have to put the inserts into every Sunday morning :-(
"The Sun on Sunday"..what a dreadful prospect!.. :-(
Why not?

A newspaper targeted at all those journalists in prison. That makes sense.
one that will hack your phone while paying off the police not to inveetigate? Sounds great
inveetigate jno? Do they rid them of excess hair too? Awesome!

(sorry, will behave now)
would"nt mind being a"fly-on-the-wall",at Ruperts little get-together,today..!
lol @B00 - but think of the fun as the Observer readers discover the "Big & Bouncy" colour supplement instead of "Muesli Knitting - the Marxist Perspective" ...
I wonder if their 'Page 2 Girls' will be dressed in their 'Sunday Bests'?
I don't even have enough money to buy a newspaper. Which means I'm perfectly prepared to not buy the Sun on Sunday.
They've missed a trick.

The Sun On Sunday is an unweildy title.

Should be called 'Sunday'.
T S O S - you can rearrange it yourself
Hell no ! I would not wipe my backside with the Sun.
Presumably, it will be aimed at people who can only understand words of up to two syllables ------------- should sell really well, with sales increasing year upon year.
I am. I miss NOTW.
The public get the press they want, if people buy it then we are ready if they don't then they'll stop printing it.
lol B00, just seen that
'' I wonder if their 'Page 2 Girls' will be dressed in their 'Sunday Bests'?

They will probably wear a DOG collar!!! :-)
Think it will just be a revamp of the NOTW and was probably planned by Murdoch all along. Bet first edition will be about 50p!

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