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Davethedog | 15:20 Fri 10th Feb 2012 | News
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I see one of the killers of Damilola Taylor has been recalled to prison for breaching bail.

The authorities are not allowed to say why. Can you tell my what is the reasoning behind this?

I understand it applies to anyone recalled not just him, I just am curious as to why it is a "secret"


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Might be part of an upcoming or ongoing court case
I believe he was recalled because he went to an area where he was prohibited from going under the terms of his licence.
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No I don't think so, it appears that who so ever is recalled not just this "man" they can't say why. I may be wrong, I am hoping our legal eagles can enlighten me.
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New Judge Thank you - But can they not say because as VHG says court case or are the BBC being coy?
BBC R2 was saying he had been recalled because he had visited an area prohibited by the terms of his parole and said the area was Southwark. His previous recall had been for a similar reason, with the added info that he had been associating with known gang members, or words to that effect.
^^ Yes, that's what I heard on the 1pm BBC news.
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Thank you all
I'm glad he breached the terms of his licence.

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