Contraceptive implants.

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anotheoldgit | 13:28 Thu 09th Feb 2012 | News
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Regardless of the problem of under-aged pregnancies, should these devices be allowed to be fitted at school to girls as young as 13, without their parents consent?


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hi aog - there was a long discussiona bout this yesterday, so i don't know youll get many answers
We discussed this yesterday in CB. The majority were in favour of it.

Let them pop out a sprog at 13 as the state will pay for everything.
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Sorry I didn't realise it had been discussed in ChatterBank, very really go into that site.

But I cannot believe the majority are in favour of it, especially as sex below the age of consent is unlawful surely?

How else are the vulnerable to be protected?
the majority of people who answered that post were in favour of it. Doesn't mena the majority of people on this site, or majority of people in general
It depends on their ages. If they are both under the age of consent then nothing will be done.

If an adult is involved that's an entirely different subject!
True bednobs. If you looked at the poll on the link I posted. The majority were against it.
ps if someone asks for contraception it means they are having/about to have sex

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Contraceptive implants.

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