New Racism Probe at Anfield

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magma | 11:51 Sun 29th Jan 2012 | News
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Klanfield in the news again

// Police stressed it was an isolated incident //

They are having a few of these isolated incidents at Klanfield

// It is the third incident of this kind in a few months at Anfield //

Do you think if they closed the ground to the paying public it would
put a stop to these kind of isolated racist incidents.



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I've lost any respect I had for that club after yesterday's booing towards Evra, not just by a few fans but the majority.

And to cap it off, Kenny Dalgliesh when asked what he felt about the booing..."Are you winding me up?...I was booed when I played"

Don't get me wrong, it's not the booing that bothers me it's the fact they were booing a player who was...
12:46 Sun 29th Jan 2012
DT that incident actually went to court and was thrown out as it wasnt deemed to be racist, offensive yes, racist no.
We've changed the words now to "His dad's an accountant and his mum studies law"
You're missing the point though, I'm talking about a player getting booed because he was racially abused by their own player.

If you can't see anything wrong with this then your just as bad as them.
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// DTcrosswordfan 12:18 Sun 29th Jan 2012
I put it to you that your own club has its tozzers -
who do you support by the way, magma? //

I do not support any team, My local team is a non league club
and has very little support

//DTcrosswordfan 13:30 Sun 29th Jan 2012
No answer from magma - yet. Or from Elvis. //

My Post 10:51 Sun 29th Jan 2012
Some people do have a life away from this site

// spudqueen 14:29 Sun 29th Jan 2012
But you know, one Liverpool supporter turns out to be a
racist and then, to a man we're all racist. //

This is not the first time a racial incident has happened at this

//Steve.5 18:03 Sun 29th Jan 2012
Whats up Mag nothing else better to do than stir up the proverbial //

A person could say that about any post in this section, some people
obviously do not mind the racist chants and insults that Black footballers
face playing at this ground
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New Racism Probe at Anfield

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