Jubilee Cooking Contest "Cook for the Queen"

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mushroom25 | 23:00 Thu 26th Jan 2012 | News
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announced with much fanfare in the midlands tv area (and maybe yours as well), this was billed as a way for the nation's children to be involved in this year's jubilee celebration.

however, it now turns out that it's illegal, being in breach of section 406 of the education act......
....or is it?

Do the "Republic" organisation have a legitimate concern? Or are they just pouring cold water on an event that's just meant to be a bit of fun for the nation's schoolchildren?


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Meh, they just wanted to stick their oar in, had anyone heard of this group before today, I hadn't. I'm sure the contest isn't compulsary, so those that object can withdraw their kids from the activites.
Petty in the extreme. Such protestation over such a minor issue makes them look and sound more like an extremist group, especially the 'offered to put parents in touch with solicitors' statement.

I'm sure if parents have concerns about their child making an unconstitutional cake they can take them up with the head teacher or LEA and not resort to legal action.
Why would you want to cook for the queen anyway, I'd rather she made the effort to cook for me.

In as much as it is not good to brainwash children to consider a particular family worth so much more than thenselves simply by accident of birth, then the group has a valid point. But I think there is such a thing as taking something too far. I don't expect pointing out the legitimacy of this sort of event will win them many friends. But I guess it's easy to solve. Just point out to the kids what an anachronism a royal family is these days it and the criteria has been met.
"Do the "Republic" organisation have a legitimate concern?" No, they're just plain nuts.

"are they just pouring cold water on an event that's just meant to be a bit of fun for the nation's schoolchildren? " Yes, silly sods.
Oh for goodness sake!! Every primary school in the country had celebrations for Wills and Kate's wedding and they didn't moan then; the only annoying thing about the cooking competition is that it's not open to younger children as well; would love to get my nursery class cooking for the queen!
Doubt if the queen gives a monkeys, but if the kids have a great time in the kitchen then that's what it's all about. Some folks never happy unless they're moaning.
As long as they keep it off the TV I don't care, there's more than enough air-time given to cookery programmes already!

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Jubilee Cooking Contest "Cook for the Queen"

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