are you a liar?!

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Ankou | 13:41 Wed 25th Jan 2012 | News
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it doesn't surprise me that such research would yield these results.

dishonesty has been embedded in human nature since the dawn of time - anyone who says differently is a liar! - and when certainty of dishonesty is confirmed via more available means (media. intenet etc) then it is almost certain to affect society from the top down.

for example (as per the article), when we hear of our mp's fiddling expenses, footballers cheating on their wives, journalists hacking phones/emails and selfish greeedy corporate executives, politicians lying in court, or even when top secret documents are released- changing our view of history - is it not just a case of well if its good enough for them its good enough for us?

what can be done to stop people lying, without being exposed to the manipulations of corporate or societal abuse?


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yes esp about where i am and how much money i've spent
Although we all dont tell the truth all the time we lie for different reasons .To lie to save someones feelings while being a lie can not be in the same list as lying to prevent detection of of say a crime or a hurtful story about another person .To admit to a mistake actually make us better people .We are showing courage while admitting our failings .
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i think little white lies are ok, don't you ? unless you are robert maxwell????

it seems more and more people are quite ok about being dishonest even if it means breaking the law.
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but 2sp, your bum really didn't look fat in that outfit. honest.
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ankou you look so cuddly these days

lying to spare someone's feelings is ok i reckon. i don't think i'd lie about anything serious but who knows

i'm not sure i could go to the effort of dreaming up a fantasy life and posting as that person

Unless I am replying to this question when I may be.
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My father always said you need a very long memory to be a liar
I have'nt so I don't
I honestly have nothing to lie about.
Actually, that's a lie. I lie to the kids when they ask me have I got any money.
Some lies are necessary:

"Does this make me look fat / old / tarty / slutty?"

The answer to these questions is always an ephatic "No...certainly not".
Really? If I asked my OH a question like that he'd tell me the truth.
well all lie, to ourselves and others, it is human nature, and often it's to spare others blushes, as in that dress looks nice on you, when in truth it doesn't, but you can't really crush someone that way. And i tell myself that i look good in something even when i don't, daft really.

Then you're in a relationship we all aspire to.

I myself wouldn't ask those questions and if they were asked of me, I would simply jump out of the nearest ground floor window.
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are you a liar?!

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