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anotheoldgit | 14:04 Wed 18th Jan 2012 | News
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Not having much choice due to the abysmal Tuesday Evenings TV programmes, I decided to give ITV new quiz programme a go.

Must say the young Welsh couple who took part did remarkably well, I would never have remembered all those exit clues.

Incidentally the young Welsh lass wore me down a little with her broad Welsh accent, although in a way charming, to me she could only be taken in small doses.

What do you think?


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Although I didn't see the programme concerned the Welsh language is always best heard only in small doses. Before all the complaints come in - I am Welsh!
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Oh dear this was supposed to go in Media &TV, sorry.
I adore the Welsh accent, i find it really enjoyable - withe the notable exception of Tom Jones of whom the sight, sound, and singing, leaves me cold.
Force of habit?
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Yes Andy and so do I, but did you watch this programme?

Maybe you would have come to the same conclusion as you have about Tom Jones, if you had.
Aaah, no AOG, I confess not - but am happy to concur that not every use of a favoured accent means it will appeal.

One of my very favourite Welsh voices is snooker player Terry Griffiths who now commentates - wonderful tone and accent.
I can't believe you're calling last night's telly abysmal, Star Gazing followed by an excellent programme about synthetic biology on BBC2, was nice to watch something that gets your brain working!
That leaves me out..............I watched Muriel's Wedding.

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