Choice: Donald Trump or Wind Towers

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DTCwordfan | 12:33 Wed 18th Jan 2012 | News
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Radio 4 Midday News.

Apparently Donald Trump has suspended his work on his new hotel on the Menie Estate as there are plans to put large wind turbines offshore and he fears that it will drive the tourists away if permission is granted.

So you have a choice of two evils, Donald Trump wrecking the dunes but creating employment and wealth, or wind turbines creating less jobs but energy into the N-East.

Killing both projects is not an option here - but alternative suggestions welcomed (such as a prison camp for non-Scots)

What's your choice?


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Probably go for the wind turbines. We already have enough natives constantly spoiling for an argument or fight without importing another radge from the colonies.
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T'will be interesting to hear from any ABers living up that way.....
Get rid of the turbines. If Scotland gets its independence it's going to need all the income it can get, and there's not many bawbees coming from the wind farms.
I can only imagine that the combination of a wind turbine and Donald's dodgy not-wig would cause some amusement. :-)
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hadn't thought about that......his wig on top of Ben
Wind turbines, I think they are beautiful.
//Donald Trump wrecking the dunes// Having seen the proposed development I was not aware of dunes being wrecked. The dunes would be a necessary and integral part of the links golf course. I don't see it as an either/or questions. Trump will hake his own commercial decision and will co-exist with the off-shore wind farm or not.

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Choice: Donald Trump or Wind Towers

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