Virgin to double their broadband speed

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anotheoldgit | 15:14 Wed 11th Jan 2012 | News
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Will this make Virgin Britain's best broadband provider?


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Already is in my book Had Sky, had BT admittedly haven't tried plusnet but the Yorkshire thing is a bit of a put off...Virgin is already fast i get unlimited downloads and they fix problems really quickly
"the Yorkshire thing is a bit of a put off"......................thanks rowan.
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Best? No. Fastest? Yes.
I have no choice but to have virgin where I live, I am quite happy with the service though
i ditched sky for virgin. all good for me.
I'm already on the 100mbps package with Virgin, I average between 97mbps and 109mbps. They don't throttle the connection even if you download a lot with this package, I upgraded from the 20mbps one because they were constantly limiting my speed (daily) and with 3 online gamers in the house it made it unusable.
I've been with them since the early days of Telewest, when I contracted for a speed of 256. Since then it has doubled regularly and now I am on 10gb for no extra money. Soon it will be 20gb.

No throttling here - and I do monitor it closely.
I wish the higher rate of speed on my computer showed in the response times. But logging onto AB it sometimes seems a dead loss and results in hitting the keys a number of times in order to wake it up.
we used to have Virgin; it was fine until they 'upgraded' their service, and after that it froze at least once a day. Our computer repairman, who lives over the road, said he'd just switched to Sky for the same reason. We did so too and have been fine ever since.

Touch wood.
As usual it is "unto those that have, more will be offered" - a better use of money would be to extend the fibre networks as quickly as possible to cover the current 'not-spots', where even a 1mbps connection is a dream.

A policy of "no-one gets more than 20mbps until everyone gets 5mbps" would be more equitable - as would spending some decent money on the ISP's back-haul, so that the whole interweb doesn't grind to a halt everytime all the pirates start streaming their 'free football'.

< rant over > :+()
we have virgin broadband with no problems, just trying to convince the other half that we should get our TV with them too...
I don't really know, but I sincerely hope so because I use Virgin, lol.

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Virgin to double their broadband speed

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