Over seven days of Christmas, 14 people met violent deaths, why?

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anotheoldgit | 14:04 Sat 31st Dec 2011 | News
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Regardless of what some would have us believe, Britain is more violent than it was 60 years ago.

Here is the sad proof of how it is getting more and more violent with each passing day.


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I can't disagree AOG. it's been a bit shocking this year to be honest, I don't know if it makes it more newsworthy because it's the time of year, but awful none the less.
or for another perspective see
Question Author

That was reported back in January 2011, it is now almost January 2012.
Exactly what I was going to publish - murder in England down 45% on 1995.

How short our memories are - or rather the Daily Wail's
and the rate you imply AOG is hardly higher than the average daily rate.....
and Christmas always peaks - Christmas Day assaults are on average 1/3rd more than an ordinary day.....source: addaction.
Awwww, you can always guarantee that AOG will bring a bit of festive cheer to a category can't ya? ;-)
christ on a bike, you're as bad as the beeb. boxing day festive cheer was full of this, and you also had itv and sky camped outside papworth hospital to tell us every 5 minutes whether philip had farted, croaked or gone for a wee.
Question Author
No use burying your head in the sand Boo.

Festive season or not, this is the real world you and I live in I'm afraid.
Same here AOG, but seriously, sometimes you really do have to push the woes of the world to the back of your mind and just enjoy life- try it, you'll like it ;-)
glad you didn't live in 1811, would suggest the murder rate was considerably higher, mind you those few that were caught were usually hanged. What a cheerful subject
The Guardian link, supplied by IggyB, gives the following:
// The murder rate in England and Wales has fallen from 644 to 619 over the last year to its lowest level for 12 years. //
// The murder rate in England and Wales over the past 50 years rose steadily from around 300 a year in the early 1960s to more than 1,000 in 2002/03 when 172 deaths were attributed to the activities of Dr Harold Shipman.//

So a rise from around 300 a year in the early 1960s to 619 now, ie the yearly figure has doubled over 50 years. This rather supports AOGs claim that (even allowing for increased population) murder rates rates have risen in the last 60 years. This is true whether or not murder rates rise at Christmas.
Question Author

Spit it out old man, you obviously have had too much Christmas Pud, so much so, you have started to get hic-cups.
Admit it AOG ,you're sat there with a glass of Babysham with your party hat on tooting your party whistle aren't ya?
So it's personal insults now AOG, rather than debating the numbers.

Was hoping to see if there are monthly stats to see which is the worse month of the year......last year we had the Yates case at this time.
Question Author

Not much good news around I'm afraid Boo.

Just posting the facts, isn't that what the news section is for?

There are plenty of other sections on AB where one can join in with frivolities.
And here's where you wallow in doom and gloom I take it AOG?

If I didn't lurve you so much AOG ,you'd seriously depress the hell out of me ;-)

Have a good New Year anyway xxxx
At circa 10 murders per million, the UK ain't bad.......
regardless of what some would say the world, and this country especially, is significantly better than it was 60 years ago. Murder rate lower, crime lower, life expectancy higher, standards of living higher, disposable income higher, chances of getting involved in a war lower - the list just goes on and on. So whilst the data might be 12 months out of date that doesn't really make much difference when debating your post.
Question Author

/// So it's personal insults now AOG, rather than debating the numbers.///

No personal insult intended, just a light-hearted jibe at the need for you to post three short comments, one after the other.

As regards the numbers, I think Jonathan-Joe has answered that one, very much better than I could possibly have done so.

Well done that man.

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Over seven days of Christmas, 14 people met violent deaths, why?

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