Over seven days of Christmas, 14 people met violent deaths, why?

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anotheoldgit | 14:04 Sat 31st Dec 2011 | News
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Regardless of what some would have us believe, Britain is more violent than it was 60 years ago.

Here is the sad proof of how it is getting more and more violent with each passing day.


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/// Nothing nasty happened in 1951 ///

Who the hell mentioned anything about nothing nasty happenings in 1951?

But ok you came up with the vast amount of three.

If I was to likewise delve into any particular more recent year, the various hideous crimes that had been committed in that year, would not only fill the space of 20 odd questions, it would make a normal person's hair stand up on the back of their head.
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/// It must be very sad to live your life constantly railing against the current reporting of dreadful things - it's not right to live in a constant ferment of injustice and anger. ///

The simple solution being, don't upset yourself by reading my posts, may I suggest you take your head out of the sand and, put on your rose tinted glasses, and buy a copy of the Hello magazine.

But then in that you will only read about some 'celebrities' wedding coming to an end, so it seems that it is only the 'dreadful things' that sells newspapers etc and also attracts interest on certain AnswerBank threads.

Happy New Year to you.
Not very becoming that of you, AOG, to make a barbed insult like that on the 1st day of 2012.

You could have done the decent thing and kept it for tomorrow.

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Over seven days of Christmas, 14 people met violent deaths, why?

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