Stabbing Death on Oxford Street.

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anotheoldgit | 11:58 Wed 28th Dec 2011 | News
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Yet another killing on the streets of our capital this time on a crowded Oxford Street.

Even while medics are tending the stabbed gang member, other chose to attack the police, why?

The Guardian reports that /// Scotland Yard has denied deploying a Taser to control youths at the scene of the fatal stabbing of a teenager in front of shoppers on Oxford Street during the Boxing Day sales. ///

Why do Scotland Yard see the need to defend the fact that one police officer was seen to draw his Taser gun?

Even if he found it necessary to use it, he could not be criticised in such circumstances, that is what they are for, that being to immobilise such unruly an violent individuals that refuse to respect authority in such circumstances.

It is time these thugs learnt that they can't just do as they like.


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How did I know you would post on this, but ignore the fatal shooting of the Indian student in Salford in an unprovoked and possibly racist attack?
Possibly gromit the police have verified that the youth stabbed in oxford street was a gang member and this was probably a gang killing - the Salford incident is at the moment is all supposition so really cannot be commented on.
where have police verified that the London stabbing victim was a gang member?
it's just another instance of the gang problem that exists in London, the time of year means nothing to them really. I'm guessing the police have to be very cautious with how they're managing gang incidents after the incident that triggered the riots.
The shooting in Salford is a lot more shocking and if it was simply racially motivated is very, very worrying.
There seem to have been a number of very violent incidents over the Christmas period, one a mile from my house, it is very sobering.
It is only supposition that the Black youth was part of a thieving gang and was attacked by a rival gang.

The Salford murder was a group of male and female students who had no connection to the White gunmen who stopped and murdered one of them.
Question Author

No I did consider posting on that killing also but as yet the perpetrator has not been arrested.

I would have also reported on the fact that the police have announced that they are not ruling out the possibility that it 'may have been' a racist attack.

This is not unusual taking into account the recent killing of a white person by a gang of black persons, when the police also announced that they were 'not' classing this killing as a racist attack.
Question Author
/// The Salford murder was a group of male and female students who had no connection to the White gunmen who stopped and murdered one of them. ///

How the heck do you know that Gromit? Very little is yet known about this killing or those taking part in it?
From the Daily Mail...

// Witnesses today described how they desperately fought to keep a gifted university student alive after he was gunned down BY A STRANGER who had just asked him for the time.
Anuj Bidve had responded politely but the man pulled out a gun, placed it against his head and pulled the trigger. //
Question Author

/// where have police verified that the London stabbing victim was a gang member? ///

No need to, his record speaks for itself.

/// The victim was a member of the notorious London street gang ABM, which stands for ‘All ’Bout Money’, and the killer was believed to have been involved with the rival 031 Bloods. Territorial clashes between the two South London gangs have claimed several lives since 2007. ///

/// On YouTube, the victim appears in a homemade rap video in which he talks about guns and killing (see below). A known gangster, he was facing trial over charges of robbery and assault by beating in relation to an alleged attack in September. ///
Question Author
Yes Gromit, he may have been a stranger to the witnesses, but no one knows yet if the killer actually knew or had some other connection with his victim.
aog, I was asking where the police, rather than the Mail, had verified it, as Brenden suggested.

As far as the Taser goes, I am in agreement with you generally, but I do think it a good idea that the police should be transparent about what weapons they have used in any given incident. They have in the past been known to tell fibs about such things.

The victim was a tourist. He lived in Lancaster (about 50 miles away) and had left his hotel with his friends. The people arrested are locals from Salford.

I realise it is very difficult for you to comment on a innocent asian person being murdered, but this irrelevent splitting of hairs about he might have known his attacker ( when all the evidence and witnesses say otherwise) is unconvincing.
It is not difficult to for anyone to comment on an asian or any other nationality being murdered gromit when one know the facts - whoever did this I hope rots in jail - people should never defend the indefensible. AOG I saw that braying mob jostling the police on television - absolutely apalling, our police certainly have their work cut out.
tv showed an interview clip with 2 of his mates...

what a sad lot...born in uk but sporting a ridiculous mackkabean accent..

here we have tribes of wasters doing their pathetic postcode violence in areas where there are normal citizens (and unfortunately lots of stuff to thieve)

they need to be caged for a very long time
mockibbean (mock caribbean)

i was born in london but my maternal grandmother was irish...

'top of the morning to you!'

get a life and foxtrot oscar
Question Author
Gromit I also ignored (as you put it) the other stabbing on the same day and on the same street, along with 7 other killings that took place over the Christmas period.

This along with my exclamation regarding the Salford killing, hits on the head, any preconceived ideas you may foster about my racist intent over choosing this particular killing.
Question Author

Let's just wait until a little more detail of this shooting is reported, before we go any further into this unrelated crime, in the meantime I would be interested to know your feelings about the particular crime I posted on.

Why did some decide to attack the police?

Should the Taser gun have been drawn ready?

And more importantly should these gangs be allowed to take over our streets?

What are your solutions to the problems?
I too wondered why they had to explain the drawing of the Taser and clarification that it wasn't used.
Also, with the new Met chief saying he doesn't believe water cannon are the answer to riots all doesn't augur well for the immediate future of policing in London.
if only the Met commissioner would listen to anonymous people on blogs before deciding how to fight crime!
Ha ha - Gromit - good work.

Kinell...the accent you're referring to sounds nothing like anything you'd hear in the West Indies. It's a completely British invention. Have a listen to Tinie Tempah and Plan B and then compare their accents to Popcaan.

You'll understand after that!

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Stabbing Death on Oxford Street.

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