Netherlands Halal and Kosher Ban

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mushroom25 | 19:42 Sun 06th Nov 2011 | News
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the Dutch parliament is shortly expected to approve a ban on Halal and Kosher methods of animal slaughter.
a matter of animal welfare to be applauded? or right wing religious intolerance to be abhorred?


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It's interesting that not a single person has commented upon the scientific study carried out recently in New Zealand (which I referenced earlier) which showed that animals that are slaughtered without first stunning them suffered significantly more pain and distress than their stunned counterparts. This research and its conclusions are also endorsed by the RSPCA and the British Veterinary Association.

This, from the Independent dated 21st June 2010, “... The RSPCA, other welfare organisations and the Government's veterinary experts say the practice [of Halal/Kosher slaughter without stunning] is cruel and should be ended, but another concern is that the meat re-enters the general food chain where it is unwittingly consumed by the general population...”, “... [from the RSPCA] 'From a welfare point of view, it's an unnecessary practice [Halal/Kosher slaughter without stunning]. It causes pain and distress'...".


It's also interesting to read in the above article that the 'Halal Food Authority' insist on stunning prior to slaughter – they clearly believe that this does not violate Islamic law.
we do have to stun them sometimes now even if we do not believe it
Sith123 - “we do have to stun them sometimes now even if we do not believe it”.

Not true. And that is the point. Because of ancient Islamic and Jewish scriptures which advocate killing an animal whilst it is still conscious, there are specific legal 'get-out' clauses (The Welfare of Animals [Slaughter or Killing] Regulations 1995) that allow animals to be slaughtered in a way that the RSPCA and the BVA regard as inhumane.

What this exemption does is allow religiously slaughtered meat into the supermarkets but the customer is kept in the dark as to how the animal has been killed. I object to this wholeheartedly. I want to know how the food on my plate has arrived there. I want to know for the same reasons I don't buy battery produced eggs and poultry.

There were moves afoot about a year ago to put labels on all UK meat products that informed the consumer as to how the animal was slaughtered. Not surprisingly, the biggest and most vocal objectors to this motion were representatives from the Halal and Kosher meat producers. Their argument being that some customers could be dissuaded from purchasing meat that was labelled Halal or Kosher.

Too right they would – and with very good reason.
well whatever happens im still buying halal
sith your choice, however it's not ours. All food outlets should display if the meats are halal, and if that means labelling them then fine. And i fail to see why the animal rights brigade who supposedly care about animal welfare don't protest about this.
that was one of my label the meat.
but that hasn't always happened and some people have only found out by accident, which is wrong.
i know em, i agree completely, i would not make the pint if i did not, however i dont sacrifise the meat so i cannot do anything about it, i just eat it, yes, we should all label our meat, i agree.

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Netherlands Halal and Kosher Ban

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