Greeks not at all happy it seems.

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anotheoldgit | 12:40 Fri 28th Oct 2011 | News
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This behaviour is absolutely disgusting, the rest of Europe should now totality ostracise the Greeks.

Interesting to note the very word 'Ostracise' means:

The act of banishing or excluding.

Banishment or exclusion from a group; disgrace.

In Athens and other cities of ancient Greece, the temporary banishment by popular vote of a citizen considered dangerous to the state.

I don't know about 'a citizen considered dangerous to the state'.

Greece is dangerous to Europe, and should never have been 'bailed' out.


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"Greece is dangerous to Europe, and should never have been 'bailed' out."

That's a bit like saying "That forest fire is dangerous to everyone, and should be left to burn".
so what do the Greeks want - to be left to solve the problems they caused themselves?
"so what do the Greeks want"
I hope you're not asking me - I have no idea :-)

I was just pointing to the flaw in AOG's reasoning.
Question Author
What about the offending posters etc?
no, it was just a general question. Merkel seems an unlikely Nazi to me.
That is not a mass produced poster, it is printed from someone's computer laser printer. In other words, it is the work of one individual. You cannot really condemn a whole nation for what one person does. If the Government were printing such posters then that would be different, but this is just one upset person's protest.
good piece of detective work there, Gromit, aka Sherlock
Question Author

/// You cannot really condemn a whole nation for what one person does.///

Not just one person it would seem.

/// Newspaper cartoons have presented modern-day German officials dressed in Nazi uniform ///

No success this time Moriarty.
I think Ms Merkel looks quite attractive...............
Craft, dodgy taste, Mrs Mekel looks like a bored housefrau, with too much time on her hands. Suggest the Greeks won't be happy no matter what happens.
If some and that includes members of the government in Greece pay their taxes, and stop hiding the stuff under the mattress, then perhaps they wouldn't be in such a mess. I am given to understand that 40% of the people work in the public sector, that's an awfully big wage and pension bill, that if it's anything like ours.
I meant 'attractive' in a Max Mosely kind of way :-)
craft, worse, ooh
I think it's higher than 50% in France em, and they have a maximum 35 hour working week, so I don't know how they manage.
No success this time Moriarty <<<< Story of my life :-)
Bearing in mind Greece was invaded by the Germans and a significant number of its civilians callously and arbitrarily executed it is hardly surprising that some Greeks have 'mixed feelings' about the German nation and mixed feelings about being under german orders to be personally impoverished in order to repay loans that they were never asked to agree to.
Zeuhl, whilst that is indeed true, they weren't the only ones, seeing how the jackboot dominated much of Europe.
Indeed em you're right.

So one can only imagine the 'posters' that would appear in the streets of Volgograd, Warsaw or indeed The Channel Islands if the Germans ordered their citizens to take a 50% cut in income.
// loans that they were never asked to agree to //

They were happy enough to spend the money though.
Quite honestly anyone being dictated to by others as to how they behave should mind their own damn business, having said that, they unfortunately have fallen into the bear pit of the EU, Euro, and though i dislike Sarkhozy, he said just what i was thinking. Shouldn't have been allowed to join, and certainly not adopted the Euro. Everyone i have talked to including Greek friends have said it was a mistake, and that prices, cost of living went through the roof, but politicians know best, well perhaps not this time.
This isn't the end of it for Greece and i wonder that Italy aren't going to go much the same way.
<<They were happy enough to spend the money though. >>

Who they? Did the average Greek worker spend it?

Ludwig, as (I assume) a UK resident, your share of our bill is as follows:

We owe £14,968 for every man, woman and child
That's more than £32,361 for every person in employment
Every household will pay £1,893 this year, just to cover the interest

Why did you spend all that money when you couldn't afford it?

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Greeks not at all happy it seems.

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