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joeluke | 22:22 Tue 25th Oct 2011 | News
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.....surely she should get the maximum 5 year jail term available for this serious assault?



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What makes it more serious, because it is his balls? What if she had bit his ear?

She bit part of the body that needed x number of stiches. As far as I'm concerned, the punishment should be same regardless of where the bite took place. If that is 5 years then so be it.
It is more serious because of the damage inflicted - he may be unable to have children for example.

It's a bit like if a man struck a woman in the stomach and she needed to have ovaries removed it would be more serious than if he broke her arm because of the lasting effect of the damage
She 'should' get a jail term. No doubt about it...

How sick is that?
My initial reaction was, "What, just the 5 years ?".

I guess it is an example of how one loses control when drunk. Although as I get inebriated I seem to just get drowsy and want to sleep. Maybe i just don't push it that far.
she should get an extra day for every man that's just nearly thrown up, that is one messed up woman!
I read a report where it said he was sitting on her when she bit him, maybe she was trying to get him to move but went way to far due to being drunk.
-- answer removed -- sides are splitting.
The report i read said there was violence on both sides hence some lenience. Apparently she didn't even remember doing it......
Not remembering because you're drunk is not a defence.
I didn't say it was a defence, but imagine discovering what you'd done when you'd sobered up....
I'd rather not.....

Some people shouldn't drink alcohol...
Someone's been taking sayings a bit too literally!

*get the bit between your teeth
to do what you have decided to do in a forceful and energetic way
I cannot believe your flippant reply anne..

she should get a jail term, this man may suffer psychological damage as a result of this, he may also suffer fertility problems.
I think she should get the max - if not more. Granted, they may have had an argument and voilence on both sides, but I think the very nature of the injury is degrading. Imagine if a man savaged a woman's genitals in this manner? People would crying for him to be hung by his until he was dead!
I'd want to hear all the facts before stringing her up from the rafters.
She was also injured during the fight. She was lying on her back, he was straddling her. He could have been pummeling her in the face, pulling her hair, forcing her to perform a sex act - we don't know. She could even have been suffocating if he was sat on her face.
She shouldn't have 'bitten more than she could chew'!!!

Jail the bitch.
Even if what hc says is correct?

Her teeth might have been her only weapon.
-- answer removed --
So it seems. But it doesn't sound like a sex game gone wrong....

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