should underwear be banned...

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pdust | 15:24 Wed 12th Oct 2011 | News
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or maybe tena lady.... well ya never know



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i don't know about an outright ban, but believe in choice, i feel that you all deserve to know that whenever i attend to my answerbank duties i always go commando (out in the open, ready for action etc etc).

if there is an opportunity going at heathrow security for a knicker checker, i might apply. i have the very best posible taste.
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the amount that made me laugh I will give you a banging reference looool
I'm sure they'll manage to ban everything eventually. Well if it saves just one life it'll be worth it.
This is how we will travel in the future
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they better not try to ban chocolate or i will go on a rampage!!!
No underwaer shouldn't be banned - that would be ridiculous.

But obviously we will have to remove any underwear along with our shoes when we are queuing at Security so they can be subjected to a close inspection.
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haha vulcan ..funny as...... :)

LOL zeuhl.... *makes note to only holiday in brid in future*
stupid question lol, if we ban that, than there will be a whole lot of other porblems ;)
I went to the doctors today so naturally put on a clean pair of knickers.........I only went to pick up a prescription but old habits die hard.
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true sith, i'd have nowhere to hide my purse when i dont have my bag on me
Well I had mine on too, black Wacoal ones, hisides with a little lace on them.

My doc liked them too and....well this is a family site.
ha pdust, funny, but that wasnt quite what i was thinking lol.
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the mind boggles deet lol

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should underwear be banned...

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