Old Lady Punched.

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treetops1 | 18:55 Mon 10th Oct 2011 | News
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In the Northern Echo today an old lady in Newcastle put her hand out to stop a child running onto the road and a man in his twenties walked over and punched her in the eye. The old lady was 79 years old. I truly do not know where this generation is leading us.


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I recently saw a child, about 18months old, with a toy buggy, her mother was looking in a shop window with her back to the child. The wind blew the buggy into the road and the child started to run after it. I managed to grab the child's arm and prevent an accident. The mother's reaction? A glare and a mouthful of what sounded like East European abuse, certainly didn't sound like gratitude.
Goodness me, suppose you would get more thanks if you did nothing? How can any normal person not try and prevent an accident? :/
The piece of scum lives in Byker,Newcastle.

Defies belief, it really does.
similar happened to me recently in my local sainsburys car park.

Saw a 2/3 year old wander out from between the cars, as there were cars driving along at that moment on instinct i took hold of the kids arm to stop him from getting knocked down, next thing some african woman starts shouting and cursing at me and sucking her teeth as they love to do.

I told her what i thought of her and that next time i wont bother and the kid can get run over for all i care.
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Thankyou for your answers and the update from the chronicle.
//next time i wont bother and the kid can get run over for all i care. //

Bet you will bother Baz, because that's what decent people instinctively do.
i am not defending him, there is no excuse to hit her but i suspect theres a bit more to the story...

kind of sounds to me like she may have shoved or dragged the kid out the way - she must have, to move him quickly enough to move him from the path of a moving scooter - instead of stopping and waiting for the child to move, saying excuse me to the father, or going round them...
i have been barged by people in these scooters a few times...

he is clearly scum for hitting her, but you cant just barge people away, just because they are little...if someone grabbed my child and shoved them i'd be furious too...

it just seems a very over the top reaction to something if it happened exactly as innocently as she states...
the blokes a coward, no matter the so called provocation, you wouldn't do it, and im afraid that this is the sort of crime that largely goes unpunished. I would get some nice beefy friends and pay him a visit, hitting an old lady who obviously can't hit back, vile.
Like joko, i believe there's more to this story. Again, like Joko I don't condone hitting anyone in the face but some people in scooters really do believe that you simply must at all costs get out of the way, the best you'll get is a glare at you if for some reason you can't.
i also agree with joko.

i have had my foot run over by a mobility scooter terrorist, and if one of those things at speed hit my little kids on a pavement it would be almost equivalent to a road accident.

no excuse for the lady to be punched though, if it was an aggressive act towards the child then there are plenty more civil ways to behave.
I agree, the retaliation was inexcusable but those scooters are dangerous. I was almost run down by one, the driver (rider) was on his mobile phone at the time and "didn't see yer mate" hung in the air as he hurried off. If he couldn't see me he should not be riding a scooter.
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Just be aware, some "little old ladies" will not be trifled with.
There see ^? Point well made, ASBO's on wheels im tellin' ya!
I too agree with all those that said there is more to this story, I also agree with everyone else, this thug is the lowest of the lowest to hit an old lady.

What i can't understand about this case is the fact that it would be very difficult if not impossible to reach out to a child in front of a mobility scooter, especially taking into account the rider would be seated.

The only way one could reach out to a child would be at the side of the scooter, this being so why did she have to touch the child, because the child would not be in any danger at the side.
Another vote for Joko's opinion here too.
perhaps the woman thought she was doing the right thing, and got punched for her troubles, perhaps there is more to this story, but hitting a woman is a definite no no in my book.
thats what i thought AOG...
i cannot see how she could perform the manouvre as she states, it seems physically impossible... the only way i can see it is if she stopped, leaned far forward and grabbed his which case he was not in any danger of being run over at all - as she had stopped...the child was just in her way... which is why i think she must have shoved him because she simply did not want to stop or go round him...

i would not hit her but shed get a mouthful off me if she grabbed my child to move him...

even for a lowlife scumbag, it would be mad and odd reaction for a father to hit an old lady, if she really hadnt done anything wrong... i reckon she shoved the kid, maybe even to the floor, the kid started crying - and he saw red...

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