Male slaves, some held for 15 years,.

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anotheoldgit | 16:43 Sun 11th Sep 2011 | News
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Is this really 21st century England, or is the Middle East nearer than I thought?

What is happening to England? No wonder Gary Numan is leaving for the safety of the USA.



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Robberies are not under discussion.
Harlem is a district, London is a City.

They are not comparable in geographic area or population. Harlem is 3.8 square miles and London is 608 square miles.
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You posted it AOG. Here

<<<The Tories have found that in Harlem last year there were just 5.9 robberies per 1,000 residents.
Across London the figure was 7.4 attacks.>>>
Was it gypsies holding these people as slaves? It used to be thought that they would steal children. Now, apparently, it's adults.
Its Paddy Docherty I feel sorry for. Goes on CBB to make a good impression of 'his people' and now this!
He was bound to win it. They couldn't have evicted him without a court order and a load of bailiffs
I rather hope that that will be some happy stories of 'reunions' with the families of these poor men; families who will, naturally, have assumed that their loved ones have died.
I live about a mile from the Crays Hill Site, bearing in mind that these people (mostly Irish travellers) are the ones that Vanessa Redgrave called 'A Gentle People', they hold bare knuckle and dog fights among othe misdemeanours, so even though its a different site, keeping 'slaves' comes as no surprise to me at all''They think they are immune from the law, and mostly. they do get away with things an ordinary law abiding citizen would get arrested for.
It was what i was thinking, that whilst some are wrangling over crime statistics, these men appear to have been held in slavery, isn't that appalling.

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Male slaves, some held for 15 years,.

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