Male slaves, some held for 15 years,.

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anotheoldgit | 16:43 Sun 11th Sep 2011 | News
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Is this really 21st century England, or is the Middle East nearer than I thought?

What is happening to England? No wonder Gary Numan is leaving for the safety of the USA.



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obviously guilty, I don't know why we'd waste time having a trial.
I have heard of this before, not so long ago, with gangmasters bringing people in from Eastern Europe to work in the fields, etc. Weren't the Chinese people who drowned cockling in Morecambe Bay in a simialr situation?
i have just watched the news item, it's appalling, how can you keep all these people as slaves for so long and no one noticed. They police said that they were vulnerable adults, with alcohol problems amongst others, but even so.
Numan. Leaving violent Britain for the USA. Where they have no violent crime.
Possibly going to the USA because their punishment fits the crime.
Brenden, well said.

Really? Odd then that violent crime in US cities is no better than here.
It never has been any different gromit, but at least they get punished with sentences that are laid down - not up to the judge - and of course the judges in the USA can lose their jobs, not so here .
This is nothing new though. There have always been slaves kept in England. It is unusual that they are male and are English as the slaves are usually young females and foreign workers. There was an article in the Telegraph last year about diplomats that abuse their immunity to use slaves for their domestic servants..

My God, if it's got to the stage when Gary Numan has decided to leave, all the Government Departments wil be arranging crisis meetings even as I type...
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have the police made a mistake is this a cameron camper club for the workshy
God approves of slavery!!!
Question Author

/// Really? Odd then that violent crime in US cities is no better than here.///

Some figures that may surprise you, these were from an article dated September 2009, under Labour's watch.

<<<Now mugging is worse in London than in Harlem>>>

<<<London s now more dangerous than Harlem, according to figures released yesterday.
The chances of being mugged in Britain' s capital are 25 per cent higher than in the once notorious area of New York>>>

<<<The Tories have found that in Harlem last year there were just 5.9 robberies per 1,000 residents.
Across London the figure was 7.4 attacks.>>>

<<<In some inner-city boroughs the level of street crime was even higher.>>>

<<<Lambeth, which includes Brixton, saw 24 muggings per 1,000 people - four times the Harlem rate.>>>

<<<Westminster - which includes Downing Street and Buckingham Palace - had 12 robberies per 1,000 residents.>>>

<<<'You are now more likely to be robbed in London than you are in New York's Harlem.>>>

<<<Latest Metropolitan Police crime figures show street crime is rising in every London borough>>>.

<<<In some areas it has leapt by more than 70 per cent in a year. By contrast Harlem - the traditional home of black New Yorkers - has seen a major fall in crime since the 1980s when it was dominated by heavily armed drug gangs responsible for a spate of murders>>>.

<<<In the last five years crime has fallen 60 per cent and the murder rate is down 72 per cent>>>.

<<<The fall in crime is attributed to tough policing - at times the area has been flooded with patrol officers to drive the gangs off the streets>>>

Your quotes are out of date. The latest from Hatlem is

// Murder Rate Jumps Up 400 Percent in East Harlem This Year //

Your article was not 2009, it was April 2002. The rise in crime was attributed to...

// Metropolitan police chiefs blame soaring violent crime on the need to put thousands of officers on antiterrorist patrols in central London in the wake of September 11. (six months earlier) //
Question Author
I got my information from this site, dated 13 September 2009.

Only today's date seems to be on your Daily Mail link.
Question Author

15 Apr 2010

/// A total of 117 killings took place in the capital in the year to the end of March - almost 25 per cent down on the 155 fatal attacks during the previous 12 month period. ///

April 26 2010

/// Last year, the police precinct serving the area saw a total of two murders. At this time last year, there had been only one shooting. Even before last week, there already had been five this year. ///

Harlem : "Up to April, already been 5 this year."

London : "117 to the end of March".

Here is the same information then from the Telegraph, this one dated April 2002

// The Tories have found that in Harlem last year there were 5.9 robberies per 1,000 residents. Metropolitan Police statistics show that across London the comparable figure was 7.4 robberies. //


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Male slaves, some held for 15 years,.

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