Are we Brits really that ugly ?

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youngmafbog | 13:12 Mon 20th Jun 2011 | News
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A dating website that only allows "beautiful" members has had to apologise to tens of thousands of "ugly" people who were accepted by mistake

Last month the screening process was sabotaged by a Shrek virus, meaning anyone was allowed to join, regardless of their looks. The site has now issued an apology to the 30,000 "unfortunate" people who were "wrongly admitted" to the site. They have subsequently been banished.

Apparenlty a hotline has been set up to help rejected applicants come to terms with the news. has more than 700,000 members worldwide with on average one in seven applicants being accepted - around 5.5 million have not made the cut so far.

The site claims that the majority of successful new members come from the USA, Denmark and France,the UK is among the countries with the highest rate of rejections, alongside Russia and Poland.

So are we really that bad or is it just a load of Septics back slapping each other ?


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you seem to be forgetting about denmark and france
It's pretty quiet in there when you do get let in anyhow.
Are the amount of rejections in direct proportion to the amount of people who have applied from each country though? Percentage wise I mean.
What a novel idea!

I do suspect, however, that we Brits are not a "classically beautiful" race.
Thre's a rumour it's just a publicity stunt. Not that I'd know.
Personally I am once again amazed at what folk will pay for.
speak for yourself! I'm Sugar hot!
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Dont know how much it costs Old Gezzer, they wont let me in !

bednobs, it was intended as a light hearted post. Sorry I missed the Bacon munchers and Les fromage mangeant singe de reddition.
Im stunningly hansome!!!!! My Mum told me, my mum is never wrong!!!
If I was looking to join a Dating site I would certainly not consider this particular site as I'm sure there would be quite a few Members who are too vain for their own good.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I would favour joining the site where all the 'Ugly' rejects from this particular site are Members !
There was a similar site that matched IQs. It resulted in some of the dimmest children possible. I suppose it smacks of Nazi Germany where they only wanted blue eyed blonde babies.
It would p1ss me off if i paid a substantial fee for membership to the site and then was introduced to an ugly "bird".

Well done the dating's only for sex anyway.
I recently thought I was joining a chat forum (like this one) and the link came from a work colleague of Mr. Den. To date I have had 4 proposals of marriage and 5 dinner invitations - it was a bloody dating site - Mr. Den asked his work colleague, but he said he had nothing to do with it, but it seems to have come via Facebook......(;o(

Oh and all the proposals and dinner invitations are from well ugly blokes....
what a lot of cods, i mean those from US have had endless plastic surgery, denmark, well do they marry outside of denmark, all blondes together, as to France, i have rarely seen a good looking Frenchman, they just think they are.
Russians have lived in faces, usually someone else's, and Poland, might be all that sausage they eat, as to UK, well we are perfect, what can one say.
"Im stunningly hansome!!!!! My Mum told me"

My mum told me I'm special...
I got one of those rejection e-mails.
How prejudicial - anyone will tell you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Damn cheek.

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Are we Brits really that ugly ?

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