If the BBC

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RebelSouls | 18:29 Thu 16th Jun 2011 | News
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spent as much time on making their tv programmes as they do of harassing people they may be able to show the truth



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So you don't mind them harassing the old people ?
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No one is forcing you to read it Jack.
No-one forces you to regurgitate your anti-BBC rhetoric month on month, year on year..........
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Is there nothing on the telly ?
You tell me......................oh, that's right, you don't have one, do you ?
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jackthehat //
No-one forces you to regurgitate your anti-BBC rhetoric month on month, year on year..........
19:39 Thu 16th Jun 2011 //

month on month ?

No postings from me in April and May

You keep leaving answers Jack and more people will read this ,Thanks
Our system excuse again............. yes certainly justifies the yawn JTH

Only 3 more years of harrasment.
Yes, I did notice that there were no postings from Rebel Souls until AOG made his post about the BBC earlier today................

What a coincidence!
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Then the DWP will pay for the licence
has anyone ever seen RebelSouls and aog in the same room?
TVLA is a disgrace.
A private company would not be able to get away with the threats and harrassment this organisation carries out.
Its only a matter of time until someone takes them to court.
Oh! That reminds me, my TV licence is up soon! I'll have to remember to put in a nice big tip for the BBC and licence fee collectors as they've been superb this past year - it's a tough job and they should be rewarded for it.

Spare Ed
Just happily paid mine :-)
Yay, R.Souls, not seen you for ages. Welcome back, I've missed you :-)
"licence fee collectors" you mean enforcers, the term the TVLA would prefer to use.

they are nothing more than salespeople, they cant enforce or collect anything.

all they can do is try and make you buy a licence by using threating words and scaremongering tactics.

Send them a Termination of Implied rights of Acess letter , they come on your property call the police because they are then tresspassing.
Don't have any means to signal on the telly. Don't watch telly. Don't have a license. Filled in the little form online to say I won't be getting a license. Happy for someone to come round and check it out.

Receiving letters wouldn't really bother me. I used to get them all the time at my last place. My thoughts were that I would have loved to go to court about it, I had visions in my head of being asked why I did not have a license and coming up with a hilariously, sarcastic,devastatingly withering answer to the tune of 'I don't own a telly.'
Yes, I will tip the "enforcers". Problem?

They're a bit like baliffs - it's a nasty job, but when people refuse to pay for things they use it is understandable...

I never thought you'd be on the side of those workshy scroungers Baz? You sound like on of those soft pinko lefties which has entirely destroyed the fabric of society etc etc.

oooooo - Spare Ed is obviously full of 'that Friday feeling'..........have you been munching a Crunchie bar this morning? :o)

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