Is Balls a comedian ?

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youngmafbog | 13:13 Thu 16th Jun 2011 | News
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Balls is now blathering on about the VAT Rate. Did he not notice that when Brown reduced it it made s*d all difference and when Osbourne raised it (to clear up Balls a& Co Mess ) it also made no difference. He is clearly not good at maths if he thinks it does.

Apart from large items, that pensioners and benefit people probably wont be buying (well pensioners anyway benefits can probably still claim somehow for their PS3), the difference on smaller items is negligible.


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Eh? What's a PS3?
For those on a fixed budget the increase on smaller items is not so insignificant. A fifth of the price of VAT chargeable items is tax, quite often paid for out of taxed income. The present system is inequitable; there should be either income tax or VAT, but not both. If the latter, a corresponding adjustment could be made to benefits for those who do not pay income tax.
PS3 = Play Station 3

An electronic amusement device manufactured by the Sony Corporation of Nippon now in its third generation
Balls doesn't make me laugh

Despite the fact he always has a silly smirk on his own fat face.
So a clear understanding of how V.A.T works - Why it was cut - NOT

Ed Balls is a typical politician and as such should be treated as such but cutting V.A.T would mean companies might be able to invest in thier own companies as the banks won't.
I might have misunderstood Dave

But companies don't pay VAT ...
The delusional arrogant fool was just on Radio "2's jeremy vine show" saying there is absolutely no reason why the labour party him or anybody else in the party should apologise or take any responsibility for the state of the UK finances that the last so called government left us with.

He doesnt accept that any of the current problems are a result of him and previous labour governments.

Breathtaking in its arrogance
I always find it amusing when socialists start talking about taxation.
VAT is just like pass the parcel. It can pass through a number of middle men before being spewed out onto the consumer. The consumer is cutting back and so the economy suffers. The government in its wisdom could move the VAT up the chain so encouraging the consumer to buy more.
if he is, he is the most unfunny man on the planet.
i was under the impression that had Labour continued in power they would have put VAT up, or was that something i just heard.
they are all comedians mate, but not very funny

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