Is justice finally being done ?

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youngmafbog | 14:28 Tue 31st May 2011 | News
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Former Tory Peer Lord Taylor is the latest politician to be sent down for 12 months for fiddling his expenses and good riddence to him.

Are they finally getting their comeuppance or will he be out in 2 months ?


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Lawyer ?...liar more like.

shame these lying thieving scumbags arent losing their peerages and seats.

The only thing these people are sorry for is getting caught
I'm sure a little stretch inside would make them sincerely wish they hadn't been so greedy.
Just looked up the case, and I discovered why I can't possibly comment on him.
^^^ Bet you're thinking he got a lighter sentence because he has a darker skin.
The expenses system has been reformed now for both houses ( at least, they have for MPs, and I think they have for Peers), which is a good thing. Should be far less cases of abuses of the system going forward.

The length of time these cheats and conmen serve has to be in line with other, similar offences, and whether one thinks the sentences being passed are long enough is likely a subjective decision.There also seem to be somewhat anomalous decisions being made - the case of David Laws being a fine example. If our legal system think it suitable that a housing benefit cheat be jailed, how is it that David Laws never faced a criminal investigation?

This also points to the need for reform of the Lords, if only to stop the frankly absurd situation where convicted fraudsters ( such as Jeffrey Archer, for example) cannot be stripped of their peerage.
Don't tell Geezer, he thinks it's all down to Noo Labour,as he So humourously puts it.
"The expenses system has been reformed now for both houses"

oh would be a better term, they can make even more now
"oh would be a better term, they can make even more now"

They can ? I would be interested in any link you have that details how...........
Reading IPSAs corporate statement, I do have concerns that they think it might be right to go back to a system of allowances for MPs "when the time is right" and "when public confidence is restored" ................
// Don't tell Geezer, he thinks it's all down to Noo Labour,as he So humourously puts it. //

'' Noo Labour '' - Humourous ? - that is so last week
Might have been the first time it was used - now it's frankly , tiresome
Bad news for the lord his butler only got 14 days
Right-wingers do appear to have a problem with the u-sound, not to mention 'h', as evidenced by their constant references to noo Labour and ooman rights. I imagine both originated as mantras from the Sun or some other gutter rag.
// good riddence to him. //

He is a life peer, so there is nothing to stop him turning up at the House of Lords and claiming attendance allowance in a few months time. Maybe he can swot up on the new rules while he is in the clink.
At least the cheating Labour MPs can never return to the Commons.
They are going into some procedure to stop him reappearing in the House. The best thing that could happen is for DC to recommend to the Queen to rescind his peerage. I presume that she can.
generally its the select committee for privileges that has the say so, for the queen to give the final nod.

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Is justice finally being done ?

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