IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn accused of sexual assault.

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barney15c | 11:46 Sun 15th May 2011 | News
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Apparently scarpered pretty quickly from the hotel to catch a plane leaving personal items behind. Would have fleed the USA if the plane carrying him was not stopped from taking off probably ensuing a lengthy legal battle to get him sent back to answer the allegations. Had been accused but cleared of an affair previously.
Could have serious repercussions if he is guilty as he is a contender to fight for the French precidency against Sarcozy, as well as his position in the IMF.
Presumably given the serious of the alleged attack there is DNA evidence to corroberate this.


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Apparently the charge is serious. 3 counts of sexual assault and attempted rape of a hotel maid. Hopefully if the case is proven he will be charged and it won't be covered up as things usually are in Europe if it is someone important.
His DNA will probably confirm he is french and therefore undoubtedly guilty.
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Whats the betting a cover up is on the cards here.............pressure put on the NYPD to somehow drop the case from the powers above?
Highly likely in my opinion.
what happened to innocent until proven guilty???
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The man has already had 'an error of judgement' when he had an affair with a member of his staff..granted there was no sexual assault issues there. However remember this man made no attempt to explain himself at the earliest opportunity, preferring to flee the scene damn sharpish relying on the fact he thought he would be out of the country before anything could be done, and the fact that getting him extradited back to the USA would prove extremely difficult with all sorts of legal strings being pulled.

I believe he has a case to answer for and that he cant pull the error of judgment stunt twice.
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It now transpires that DSK seriously assaulted a french female journalist in 2002 (she is filing a civil suit against him), but was forced to keep it quiet as he was a family friend and her mother was a staunch socialist member (some mother eh!), so he is perfectly capable of having comitted the charges he has been charged with.
Sounds like a persistant sex offender to me (this could get embarrasing), i wonder if there are any more incidents that have been hushed up by the establishment???

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IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn accused of sexual assault.

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