Why dont we have the b**ls to lock them up ?

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youngmafbog | 08:31 Tue 10th May 2011 | News
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More news stories emerging on how thieving scum are now targetting charity shops. They steal the clothes and now the big metal containers too. This is not some low life feeding himself this is organized crime.

On top of this they are also targetting railways, taking the copper wiring for signals. This costs a fortune to replace let alone the stoppage time to commuters.

So why cant we get tough, force the liberal hand wringing judges to bang them up. I'm sure this would help morale in the Police force too if they thought the courts were going to take them seriously.

Oh, and as an aside, anyone seen my mate R1geezer, he seems to have dissappeared.


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"So why cant we get tough, force the liberal hand wringing judges to bang them up"
First you'd have to force the lazy-assed incompetent coppers to catch them - and they are far too busy beating up the liberal hand wringing protesters.
I think R1geezer is on the AB naughty step at the moment.
They used to nick manhole covers for the scrap value. Don't really notice now as the potholes are even bigger.
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Prison's too good for them about jail !
the judges like the criminals have to stick to the law
they are only allowed to pass the sentence that the law says
talk to judges/magistrates and they will confirm their frustration
when a multi-offender is up in front of them again and they have to go by the book
when they know a short sharp shock is required
my friend who is a magistrate was reprimanded because he pointed his finger at the scrote and said youre lucky not to be goin down
appararently pointing fingers is not on!
They also take the lead from off Church roofs.

Perhaps when they start to pinch the lead from Mosques, stern measures will take place?
Sharia law would order a hand lopped off for desecrating a mosque. Might reduce the level of theft here if we had a similar law.
/// I want to make an appeal to everyone to come forward if they saw anyone acting suspiciously."///

Acting suspiciously around a Mosque??????

Should get a quite a number of people coming forward then.

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Why dont we have the b**ls to lock them up ?

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