Why has my Pint of London Pride gone up so much?

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youngmafbog | 14:31 Thu 31st Mar 2011 | News
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Last week £3.70 not £3.10 in the Square Mile, so why such the rise ?


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Have a look at this - Quite a good article and check out the prices - The landlord says people are waiting for him to open on a morning !
Bitter £1.54 Lager £1.85
Very good Article emeritus and nice to see Traditional Pubs surviving. Great prices too ! There are a couple of Sam Smiths Pubs in Chester which I go to when I'm there and their prices for a Pint are very similar to those in the Article.
We are getting ripped off elsewhere.
redman41 mentioned Busty Barmaids, I can remember years back, even when beer was cheap, some pubs would have 'topless barmaids' and Sunday dinner-time 'strip-tease' in the back room.

That was in the days of 'Council Watch Committees' and 'Sunday Observance Societies'. Would these methods to attracted customers still be allowed?
My local does a happy half hour with real ale at £2.10 a pint, then up to £2.90. Don't know what he charges for the other rubbish as I only drink cask ales. He doesn't do food but does own the freehold so no interference from breweries. He isn't putting up his prices since the budget which we are all grateful for.
I used to live 50 yards from a great tradition pub, its now got three bungelows on the site
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In the same glass?
Unless supermarkets are somehow compelled to sell alcohol at pub prices, pubs are clearly doomed. Alternatively, I seem to remember that in France such shops were - maybe still are - forbidden to sell tobacco in order for "les tabacs" to thrive. Why can't ours do something similar?
My current favourite is Rossendale Brewery's 'hambleden' at £1.95 in my lOcal. Down the road I can get a fine pint of Holt's Best Bitter for £2.05.

Neither beer is a brand with an expensive advertising budget. It is you the punter paying for London Pride advertisements which is why it is so expensive.

You should experiment. There are hundreds of small breweries selling better and less expensive ales than Fullers.
I had a pint of Peroni in the Corney & Barrow at The Monument yesterday - £4.60.

Thank gawd I wasn't paying.
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The Bike & Hound have a topless barmaid every Thursday, and a live band for free on saturdays and sundays. Crap beer though.
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the Square Mile is expensive (and full of bankers). Supermarkets are cheap. Market economics.
Pint of Kronenberg went up from £3 to £3.10 in my local.
PS I am in Edinburgh and we have not had any significant pub closures yet. Haven't seen London Pride up here for years. I do feel that things will get worse soon as I can get a bottle of drinkable wine for 20p more that the price of a pint.

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Why has my Pint of London Pride gone up so much?

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