The great unwashed

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Red_John | 15:33 Sun 27th Mar 2011 | News
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what's that march all about then? What's got them all so angry?


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which one, yesterday?
They think Labour can do it better. Labour has promised 'no cuts' to stabilise the economy whereas the con/libs are making cuts in SS payments etc.....summat like that ?
The filthy rich are getting richer while ordinary people are getting poorer. Reason enough to protest, I'd say
the usual, last government spent all the money and no one wants to deal with the reality of having to pay it back
It's on C5 at 4.10 this afternoon.

You've made a commitment molly, you should stick to it.
eekk apologies, wrong thread.......
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looked like a bunch of workshy layabouts to me, moaning because they won't be getting as much free dosh from the hard working. Same sort of thing as the comunity charge riots in the 90's, lazy scum having a fit because they realised they would have to contribute.
We've missed your insightful comments, geez...errr, Red_John, thank you.
Not so much Red John as Blue Lavvy
I was working while they marched; my taxes abused !
sandy // The filthy rich are getting richer while ordinary people are getting poorer. Reason enough to protest, I'd say //
sandyRoe The intellectual level and originality of your remarks is outstanding .
Red_John - if the demonstrators are "them" who are the "us"?
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don't know about you mate but I'm definately not one of them!
Modeller, thank you. It's nice to know my comments are appreciated.
A friend of mine, a retired lecturer, was on about going down. So was my hubby but then decided why should he support a union that's sold us down the river - twice! My salary's going down by a £1000 next year, and about 75% of my fellow employees' pay is also being cut - by two or three thousand plus in some cases. They've now decided there are too many admin staff, so we all have to reapply for our own jobs and 100 of us won't get one. Those of us who do will be 'slotted in' to a suitable grade/post.

If I'd been younger, I'd have probably gone down there with them, but I'm too jaded and cynical these days to think it would do any good.
Red_john is here, perhaps we should call the mentalist..

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The great unwashed

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