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mollykins | 11:08 Thu 24th Mar 2011 | News
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What The Funicular? Utah has named the browning M1911 as it's official firearm!

Whats the point


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Much the same as Suffolk naming it's county after a horse.
Because Mr Browning was born in Utah...

Did you read your own link ? It's self-explanatory.
Ah, wait until the neighbours choose their "state gun" - I think we know how that argument goes:

"Our gun is better than you gun!"
"NO! Our gun is better than your gun!"
"Oh yeah?"
"Prove it"

And thus would begin the second American Civil War....
Also, if you've not read about this before, it is rather interesting - and tangentially related: http://en.wikipedia.o...chester_Mystery_House

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Official state firearm

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