Where are the chattering classes ?

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youngmafbog | 15:38 Tue 22nd Mar 2011 | News
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Odd that we dont seem to get posts from SP. Gromit and Jake.

Is it that the civil service, and hence the chatering classes, now have to do some work?


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perhaps there's a "pinko's only", special event somewhere YMB, it appears we are not invited!
And the News question is?
Question Author
McMouse, as a contibuter to this site for many years these people have alos been contributers. Admitedley generally adversaries but worthy ones so I consider this post very valid.

News need not be national.
The original post seems not to understand what 'the chattering classes' actually refers to.

<<The chattering classes is a generally derogatory[1] term first coined by Auberon Waugh[2] often used by pundits and political commentators to refer to a politically active, socially concerned and highly educated section of the "metropolitan middle class,"[1] especially those with political, media, and academic connections.>>

Civil Servants?? Good grief.

If you want to post pointless, silly, generalisations you could at least use terms you actually understand.
-- answer removed --
<<Zehul, you are a fluffing nobhead >>

I'll take that as clear evidence that I am right and you are wrong. Thanks. :-)
Question Author
Now I have that out my systyem

I am nopt sure whre you come from, do you think by putting peiple down and assuming an air of authority you are something great ? because I can assure you that you appear quite the opposite

The civil service, or at least Government employees, harbour many of the chatering classes, hiring through the Guardian ensures this.
Seriously how stupid do you want to make yourself look, You are an unceasing source of amusment.

Thats me done just couldn't resist.
Question Author
I see the Ed removes my post but leaves yours that quotes it

Interestingf. Are you a lefite ED?
By what p1ssed up definition is a member of the Civil Service have <<political, media, and academic connections>>

And how many live in trendy Islington which everyone knows is the capitol of 'Chattering Class-dom.

BTW I'm sorry my posts make you feel so 'put down', inadequate and relatively lacking in authority.

Those perceptions you have about yourself as a result of reading my posts really are your issues not mine. Sorry - deal with it.

<<The civil service, or at least Government employees, harbour many of the chatering classes, hiring through the Guardian ensures this.>>

You see if you checked on the guardian jobs website you'd see that there are 182 government jobs advertised compared to over 1500 each of media and PR who are much more redolent of the chattering classes and fit much better into Auberon Waugh's description.

Oh dear - chattering class fail I think. Must do better next time
The Ed emoved you because you were/are rude and abusive.

I don't see any improvement either.

Haven't seen Gromit or Jake on for ages either.
What is a lefite?

something found at the bottom of a bottle?
As a case in point where did I insult you? You may not be a source of amusment to anyone else but I assure you, you are to me and as Zeuhl quite accuratly described the "chattering classes" The fact that you wish to redefine it to fit your own wrong description makes you stupid.

Now where have I insulted you or indeed got anything wrong. As I have said so many times you do not have a cogent argument and when called all you can do is insult people. Your comment to the ED undelines all of this
I was wondering about Jake recently. I haven’t seen any posts from him for some time and there have certainly been some topics that he would have got stuck into in the past couple of weeks. I always welcome his cut-and-thrust contributions to topical items. He and I are opposed on many topics but his replies are always well thought out and researtched and well put over. He is also a very useful and knowledgeable contributor to any sort of scientific question.

As far as I am aware he is not a civil servant but works for a large private organisation.
//Interestingf. Are you a lefite ED?//

Yes, I'm just left of Attila the Hun on the political spectrum.

Don't swear at other users please. Site Rules here: http://www.theanswerb...s/Question965826.html

All the best,

youngmafbog - who might the SP be mentioned in your original post?
If 'Jake' = Jake the Peg he has posted recently elsewhere
-- answer removed --
Jake was "active" on Sunday

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