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Organs scandal deters donors

GOVERNMENT ministers and healthcare professionals are preparing for an emergency summit to address the fall in public confidence in the National Health Service, and the possibility of a sudden drop in01:00 Tue 06th Feb 2001

School inspector highlights worsening behaviour

BRITAIN'S Chief Inspector of Schools Mike Tomlinson is expected to highlight worsening behaviour in our secondary schools in his upcoming first annual report. Tomlinson took over from the01:00 Tue 06th Feb 2001

Napster announces subscription fee

By Oliver Goggi THE days of downloading free music from the net could soon be over as Napster tells of its intention to charge users for its service. Napster's chief executive, Hank Barry,01:00 Tue 30th Jan 2001

Morning-after pill remains on the counter

By Anna Tobin A MOTION to overturn government legislation that has allowed the morning after or emergency contraceptive pill to be sold in chemists without prescription, has been defeated in the01:00 Mon 29th Jan 2001

Human cloning

By Oliver Goggi THE House of Lords has voted in support of Government plans to legalise tests on stem cells, an area of research bringing hope to sufferers of Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's and01:00 Tue 23rd Jan 2001

Who inspires you

By Christina Okoli Ten years after she was ousted from Downing Street, Lady Margaret Thatcher, who may no long hold much political influence, is still seen as an inspirational figure by the British01:00 Wed 17th Jan 2001

Best and worst hospitals revealed

THE GOVERNMENT has reiterated its determination to increase the number of doctors in the National Health Service. This follows the publication of a report that revealed huge discrepancies in the01:00 Mon 15th Jan 2001

The Bulger case

Press Association Murdered Jamie BulgerTHE killers of James Bulger are to have their identities protected when they are released from prison. The High Court made the decision to protect the new01:00 Tue 09th Jan 2001

E-tailers resort to bricks and mortar

by Oliver Goggi The dotcom world is going back to basics as the high street proves more profitable than the virtual world. Following a dismal fourth quarter of 2000 in which dotcom closures01:00 Wed 03rd Jan 2001

A nation of emotional hypochondriacs

Feeling stressed-out by work and in need of help "Oh no you aren't," say doctors. Thinking of suing your bosses Don't bother, says new research For years employees have blamed all sorts of01:00 Wed 03rd Jan 2001

Living by the bullet

WHEN a begrudged employee of an Internet firm in Boston opened fire on his colleagues, leaving seven of them dead, the incident triggered renewed calls for stricter laws on gun ownership in the US.01:00 Mon 01st Jan 2001

The world waits on Bush

In his 54 years, he's baely stepped foot out of the United States, he's been arrested for drink-driving, rumoured to be dyslexic, and in a recent interview he couldn't name the Prime Minister of01:00 Wed 20th Dec 2000

Dogged by fox-hunting

Press AssociationTHE issue of fox-hunting has dogged the Labour government since it stepped into office, but the debate may finally be having its day as the Commons gives a resounding 'yes' vote01:00 Fri 15th Dec 2000

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