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maxximus | 19:34 Tue 24th Oct 2006 | Politics
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after watching doggy2's video, purely out of curiousity, not wanting to start a battle of opinion one way or the other. more or less a poll, how many of you are satisfied with your government's conclusion's on the evidence of the event's?


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I watched it upto the end of the 7/7 bit, I drive tubetrains, but was resting that day.

It makes sense, but if you know how, you can make anything make sense. The bit that concerned me, and i'm trying to find out a bit more, is where they said the floor of one of the trains was blown upwards, as if the explosives were under the floor.

Going to watch the rest later.
Not another bloody conspiracy theory, perlease!
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no, a simple question really, i'll take that as a yes loosehead. yes, lonnie that and the train schedule bit? i've not heard much about any of this other than that it happened really. like i said short, or yes or no answers will suffice, not into seeing who can type the most, i'm just curious.
No. Our beloved government does not have answers to many questions and justifies the actions he has taken (removing a dictator under the pre-text of WMD in Iraq, 45 minutes nuclear deployment endangering our troops stationed in Cyprus and other countries in the vicinity, etc, etc,)
link to the videos please
Never been satisfied with any aspect of this government, but the consiracy theory is total bo***cks as well as new labour.

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