The Wit Of Keir

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Canary42 | 20:27 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | Politics
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"The first occasion of ships deserting the sinking rat"


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He needs to concentrate less on the soundbites and more on making people want to vote Labour (rather than anything but Tory).
One might have hoped for a little more originality from Keir. His reference appears to have been nicked from the US Republican party insider who used the phrase in reference to Donald Trump's impeachment. (There were also some commentators who changed the 'p' in 'ships' to a 't').

However it actually pre-dates that incident by a long way, as Joanne Martine Woolfolk used it in her book on astrology in 1977 - and there's no guarantee that she hadn't also borrowed it from somewhere.
Chris, lawyers rely on precedent rather than originality.
I thought today for once he was actually on point and hit all the right notes at the right time, but then Johnson’s behaviour meant he couldn’t really fail today and yes, it was a day for sound bites.

Had to laugh at all the Labour wags who shouted ‘Bye Boris’ as he left the the chamber with undue haste.
Jno gets my vote for the best post of the week on AB ;-)
Doesn't he have a scriptwriter?
Is this the guy who still has a possible fine pending and stated he would leave if he was found guily - pot/kettle
PMQs is such a waste of time.

Question 1 from SKS: why did you put Pincher in a position of power as Deputy Chief Whip when you knew he was a predatory sex pest?

Answer from Boris: he lost his status as a Conservative MP as soon as it became clear he'd done it again.

And he was allowed to leave it at that. Question completely unanswered. What is the point?
It's been used before. Tedious.
I love how Captain Hindsight seems to be completely lacking in any form of intelligent riposte to the No 10 meltdown. Step forward fatticus or gulliver - even you two could do better than your beloved leader, second only to that Communist Corbyn and Pres. Putain not that far behind,
‘The Wit Of Keir’ - The world’s shortest book?
// (There were also some commentators who changed the 'p' in 'ships' to a 't').//

yeah - - the phrase "same ship difft colour"
suffers from the same change p goes to t

actually it is Bristol ( ship shape in Bristol fashion) 1700s
//‘The Wit Of Keir’ - The world’s shortest book?//

No, that’ll be:
The Dignity of Johnson.
arrod BA
I have been on the look out for a decent Keir one liner
there arent any = worse than AB that is!
mornin fatso - yeah very good !
"The Good that Boris has done"
is gonna be pretty short

yikes - four more minor ministers have gone
and one lucky appointee said 'thanks but no thanks'
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The Wit Of Keir

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