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You'd need a shed load of polish, Canary...and then some. :-)
Trying To Polish The Tory Image

As the old saying goes, Canary '' You can't polish a turd''.
That too, Tony! :-)
Have they no shame??...
Tories, Patsy? Not a bit of it..x
This lot !, afraid not, Patsy.
Ooh I know!...
Wish they'd use their own money...:-(
Now that would mean caring, Patsy.... :-)
Of course, gness. That would be alien to them..
TTT will be along in a little while to provide a balanced view, expressing his undying devotion to all things Boris and the Tory party.
that would be - - spit and polish would it

no I think the sir humphreys are on "boris pickeroo alert"

as in " tarts boudoir, changed wifey, dwinkies, abrogates treaties you better watch this one!" - - and financial fudging comes top of the list - - at least you get loo-lah out of it ( if successful)

Anthony St John Stevas ( he of the Thatcher as the blessed largaret) wanted fresh flowers evry day in his office and was told to pay for himself: the quota was one fresh a week.
He did
Best smelling ministry, pleasure to work at etc the clerks said
what's 1/2 a mill when we are spending billions on the EU divorce settlement/covid/HS2/Ukraine/illegals. Peanuts!
oh & NHS/Police damages claims
don't need polish to beat Labour, out of 122 years they have been in power for 24 years. Only 3 Labour leaders have ever won an election. Boris wins 2024.
You most certainly can’t polish a turd

But you can roll it in glitter.
someone has spray painted my screen
TTT luvz Boris - the luvz is a heart

well now we know
NHS naughtiness is paid for by NHS litigation
which I thought was an insurance co
who pays the insurance premiums?

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Trying To Polish The Tory Image, At The Taxpayer's Expense

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